Samsung Galaxy M13 5G support page goes live

19 May 2022
We're expecting the M13 5G to launch soon.

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  • Kai
  • uuZ
  • 22 May 2022

Everybody's whining about the dual camera thing. What if these the other one is gonna be an ultrawide?

    • s
    • sebstin
    • kRf
    • 22 May 2022

    again another huge phone ?. S series, A series, M series.... All with 6.5"+?.. common release some compact phones also

      Denverskier, 20 May 2022Well a cheapie phone for cheapie people!!! Wow dual cameraswoow standard camera and depth sensor??! wooow😱😱😱
      seriously if samsung does this, no ones gonna buy that.
      imagine if they added unicrapsoc...

        • D
        • Denverskier
        • IbG
        • 20 May 2022

        Well a cheapie phone for cheapie people!!! Wow dual cameras

          • I
          • Ik
          • aXg
          • 19 May 2022

          Kinda looks like an iPhone 11 from wish

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • X}L
            • 19 May 2022

            it is ok to launch in india since many chinese phonemakers are not only copying the iphone design but also their bloatware-full operating system try hard to resemble ios

              Samsung no. do not launch the phone!!! you'll ruin your company reputation!!! also iPhone 11 wannabe camera design.

                Samsung pls don't launch this phone