Caviar dresses up the Apple Watch 7 in bronze, gold and titanium

30 May 2022
The first generation Apple Watch Edition was plated in 18K gold, but since then the company has moved on to ceramics and titanium.

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  • Anonymous
  • 8sc
  • 01 Jun 2022

I think this is targeted at those rappers who got gold and diamond in their teeth.

    • J
    • Janssen
    • Sqr
    • 31 May 2022

    Awful, really awful.

      Fitz, 31 May 2022You are not the target audience obviously i dont really care if they are not my target of audience. i can buy something else

        • Fitz
        • X5u
        • 31 May 2022

        you have to suffer, 31 May 2022with that $3000 i can buy a macbook or a decent pc setup...You are not the target audience obviously

          • o
          • oxyo
          • Kgb
          • 31 May 2022

          Apple reduced the borders by 40%, then Caviar re-increased the borders by 80%. 🤦

            with that $3000 i can buy a macbook or a decent pc setup...

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              • Anonymous
              • 6wN
              • 31 May 2022

              Smart rich people will buy serious gold watches and not ugly smartwaches that will get outdated too soon.

                definitely bad ugly, but some rich people still interest to the smartwatch lol

                  MarOMG, 30 May 2022Caviar - how to make perfectly designed smartwatch ugly and... moreI would hardly call the original pillbox-on-a-string "elegant". But the original certainly is much less awful than these vulgar variants.

                    It makes me wonder why the company does not call themselves Gaudy.

                      I would buy caviar product if they "dress " Galaxy watches.

                        Caviar - how to make perfectly designed smartwatch ugly and cheap (!!!) looking. I have seen better looking cases for Apple Watch on Ebay, Ali and others, but hey, they don't have a 25.000 $ price tag and for some, that price is all what matters...

                          Do people buy these?

                            Giving the lower entrepreneurs a difference

                              • T
                              • Tammifizzle
                              • Nu6
                              • 30 May 2022

                              Damn! That's one of the ugliest watches I've seen.

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • 8ss
                                • 30 May 2022

                                Looks like a cheap case from aliexpress. Super ugly.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 6wN
                                  • 30 May 2022

                                  Very ugly and unusual.

                                    so its proved again.
                                    money can't buy you class.

                                    describe this design in single word: UGLY.

                                      Perfect to wear over the space suit during a space walk....:)))

                                        Black rivets looks cool, the rest are ugly.