Google Pixel 7 prototypes listed on eBay and Facebook Marketplace

31 May 2022
The listing showed an alleged Pixel 7 Prototype obtained from a reseller and images on the listing were shot with the Pixel 7 Pro.

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  • Nick
  • 011
  • 02 Jun 2022

Energumene, 01 Jun 2022looks like the new Pixel 7 series will have face unlock acc... moreVery Smart :)

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    • Energumene
    • GxU
    • 01 Jun 2022

    looks like the new Pixel 7 series will have face unlock according to first image. the lock icon shows unlocked, which would indicate the person has looked at the phone to unlock the screen for that lock icon to become unlocked.

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      • A Champ
      • 7kj
      • 01 Jun 2022

      Other OEM: Leak battery/display/chipset.
      Google: directly Sell prototypes

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        • Anonymous
        • fk{
        • 01 Jun 2022

        Ah, the manufacturer with the worst supply chain ever, getting their next smartphone with like a 5 year old design, sold online before launch. This sure makes me very confident in spending my hard-earned money to get one of those.
        Google should honestly just stick to the software kind of things. And even then, they seriously need to focus more on actually thoroughly researching if their next products have any potential before launching a new one while killing another simultaneously every 6 months. This usually leaves some users who were just getting used to it perplexed.

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          • ScottAus
          • Hqa
          • 31 May 2022

          I like the look and features of pixel phones however having no MicroSD slot is a deal breaker.

            AnonD-1033007, 31 May 2022I honestly don't know what to think about Pixel 7. The... moreEverything is fantastic with Pixel 6. Sadly it's just available in US at decent price tags. Can't wait for Pixel 6A in my country.

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              • AnonD-1033007
              • g8K
              • 31 May 2022

              I honestly don't know what to think about Pixel 7. They didn't even fix the Pixel 6 series and they're ready to launch new one, like c'mon.

                mNiosu, 31 May 2022Those thick bezels and glossy back ruin the design.y know, glossy backs are elegant.. but attracts fingerprints

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                  • DMX
                  • 8xX
                  • 31 May 2022

                  Madre de Dios the levels are from 2017 I hope the pro comes with a flat panel and good thinner bixels

                    I actually much prefer this design over previous gens. The camera module is now much more protected than if it was the large uniglass.

                      I love how people keep leaking Google Pixel stuff to the point where they keep finding literal prototypes.

                        Those thick bezels and glossy back ruin the design.

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                          • Kev
                          • CcS
                          • 31 May 2022

                          Bruh, that design doesn't bode with me at all. Honestly gives me old LG vibes.

                          The camera isn't even honking or big. Which is just sad to me:(

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                            • Anonymous
                            • t7q
                            • 31 May 2022

                            He also exposed the Pixel 7 pro version camera setup

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                              • AnonD-844232
                              • 39y
                              • 31 May 2022

                              Google is even worse than one plus in designing..

                                Google is doing cheap tricks to go viral. Like that time a vivo "accidentally" popped in their page before its time.
                                Really Google?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • a0V
                                  • 31 May 2022

                                  *looks at guy's hands*

                                  I think we all know how he got it.

                                    Well, the prototypes are just as stable as the final version. But the final version will cost more than the prototype, because it is still as full of flaws and bugs, as the prototype.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • tZ4
                                      • 31 May 2022

                                      whats new?

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                                        • Rkm
                                        • FY0
                                        • 31 May 2022

                                        Google as usual running a pretty tight ship.