Weekly poll: what does the perfect smartphone display look like to you?

05 June 2022
Do you have a minimum resolution or refresh rate when looking for a new phone? What about AMOLED vs. LCD and flat vs. curved displays?

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Qimchi, 05 Jun 2022Just to let you know a 5" 16:9 screen would be equival... moreJust to let you know. We are still using pockets in our clothes. If we can stretch the screen to the phones, we can shrink the phones to the screen.

    Depends on the phone. If it's a flagship, i want the absolute highest-end specs. That's the only thing that justifies the price, otherwise you're getting scammed by the company.

    For midrangers, i can settle with the second-best option in all categories.

      The DON, 05 Jun 2022You must have really small handsI have pockets in my clothes. Again, we are ONLY talking about the screen here!

        Anonymous, 05 Jun 2022everyone saying it can see the difference between a full hd... moreI personally used besides FHD also QHD and 4K phone, hi res and big bright screen is useful when shooting photos, QHD is best for that, also when viewing pictures it's great, but depends on how fast can phone load that full resolution image, like Sony got 4K details loaded after some wait, not very useful.
        FHD is good on 6.5", but there is definitely visible difference when using QHD instead. A lot depends on other factors, like cost of 120hz QHD amoled etc.
        I definitely didn't watch movies on 4K phone, I would live 4K tablet tho, wonder what are they doing, releasing 4K phone but no tablet, I think 4K tablet would be popular.

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          • 05 Jun 2022

          Anonymous, 05 Jun 2022everyone saying it can see the difference between a full hd... moreI have FHD+ on my 6.5" AMOLED and I can see the pixels if I look closely.
          And no, QHD does not take a much bigger amount of energy. Just look up a video from Phonebuff "1440p vs. 1080p battery test".

            Just exactly what the Xperia 1 IV display offers, it is near perfect for me lol.

              Curved are the scourge of displays. Can't touch widgets and links on edges. If you have pen, it is useless. Plenty of mistouches. Curved screens should die a sudden death.

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                • 05 Jun 2022

                everyone saying it can see the difference between a full hd and 2k screen on a 7 inch or less display, is fooling himself and just wastes more battery

                  4K screen (but run at lower resolution for anything besides movies/shows), Oled, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, billion color support, curved screen, 10 bit panel, 60 hz (I don't play games on my phone, so anything higher is just a waste of battery power imo), 500 or higher ppi. I wish when it came to flagships there were more screens like this. Give Sony some competition in this area so they can't justify $1600 usd for a phone.

                    My ideal phone display

                    Flat and rectangular devoid of any holes and notches like
                    Good old days

                    16:9 aspect ratio

                    21:9 aspect ratio

                    Resolution QHD

                    Display type IGZO display from Sharp OLED or LCD

                    Clearblack technology back from Nokia days for Better sunlight legibility

                    Brightness 1000 nits

                    Refresh rate 144hz

                    Touch sampling rate 480hz

                    Response time 0.1 ms

                    Colour accurate display which doesn't harm eyes from using phone for a long period of time.

                    Meets latest HDR and all types of color gamut standards

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                      • 05 Jun 2022

                      you guys forgot the most important question: notch, punch hole or under display camera

                        ALPHABOY17, 05 Jun 2022Exactly man, how we lived with 5" displays, with 2500-... moreAgain. Read what you commented on! SCREEN! Not phone! Must be hard teaching kids to read in school today.

                          Olympus Oms, 05 Jun 2022Get a name. We only talked about the screen. Not the rest. KidExactly man, how we lived with 5" displays, with 2500-2600 battery, and somehow still managed to not be glued to the charger at the end of the day all the time???
                          Also, smaller displays consume LESS not MORE battery!!! IF companies refuse to make a compact phone ONE-TWO millimeters ticker, to put 700-1000 bigger battery, it not compacts' factor fault IT'S companies' fault!

                            I am certainly not very excited about the HDR. It is just something that we have never encountered, which excites us, that is all. I would any day choose a 10bit panel to get a fidelity and gradient to its perfection over HDR, which is just another way to look at an image.

                              Anonymous, 05 Jun 2022That would give you 2:30 h SoT Get a name.

                              We only talked about the screen. Not the rest. Kid

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                                • 05 Jun 2022

                                FHD+ is perfectly acceptable on a smartphone but I can't abide phablets with sub-400 ppi *cough* S21/22+

                                  Flat for the rest i dont care.
                                  Anything above HD plus is meaningless on a 6 inch screen because human eye will spot no differences on a such small screen.
                                  Always on display is useless feature since it cost lot of battery.
                                  Rest i really dont care. Specs of phone Oukitel WP19 which cost 600 and does all necessary tricks are more than enough for me.

                                    18:9 (75mmx150mm)
                                    HDR 10-bit

                                      QHD Curved AMOLED displays are the best in my opinion, like Galaxy Note9 and Note10+. Haven't tried the Xperias yet but I wish they were curved. No cutouts and shorter aspect ratios (like 18:9-19:9) are better

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                                        • 05 Jun 2022

                                        Olympus Oms, 05 Jun 20225". Full HD. Samoled. 90 degree corners! No holes! 144... moreThat would give you 2:30 h SoT