Nothing phone (1) to support 45W charging

10 June 2022
The device’s TUV certification reveals the phone’s charge adapter.

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Anders, 10 Jun 2022*Owen Wilson voice* - Wow 🤣🤣That whole gif just playing on my mind now lol

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    • Rohan
    • 7k0
    • 10 Jun 2022

    When you can't even handle bugs of single earphone device your company holds, how could you move on to a Android phone. Worst company as per it's name "nothing"

      That's... Nothing!

        Another marketing gimmick? Lol....
        I bet another OnePlus with a name called "Nothing".

        Same tactic, flagship killer, etc etc and in the end become flagship phone.
        Let's see.

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          • Ag32
          • J1Q
          • 10 Jun 2022

          I'm already at 120w(f4 gt)...

            45 W old story..
            my phone able to receive 67W

            "Nothing" special


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              • Anonymous
              • YUU
              • 10 Jun 2022

              This gonna be a BIG to people. I mean disappointment 🙊

                IpsDisplay, 10 Jun 2022With each passing article the phone looks more like other s... moreNormal smartphone with cool transparent back and ugly large font.

                  With each passing article the phone looks more like other smartphones

                  Than the implied revolution they are trying to sell people

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Lkg
                    • 10 Jun 2022

                    Please, do not :

                    - use super wide instead of portrait cam
                    - have macro/depth cam
                    - UI that reminds of oppo, vivo or xiaomi
                    - use useless curved screen

                      please we need atleast 0 watts.. faster than 45w

                        45w charging?? cmon man atleast we need 0 watts... 🥺🥺please it will be faster than 45

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                          • d%$
                          • 10 Jun 2022


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                            • IJW
                            • 10 Jun 2022

                            Is it gonna be as useless as samsung 45w?

                              *Owen Wilson voice* - Wow 🤣🤣

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                                • DMX
                                • 8xX
                                • 10 Jun 2022

                                What you should bring for me to buy it: 6.7 inch flat panel, Soc Snapdragon 8gen 1+, 12GB Ram no more, Native 2k Panel, 120HZ cup of ñ nothing of 128 forget this... protection against splashes and dust