Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic now receiving second beta of One UI Watch 4.5

20 June 2022
The new version is rolling out in South Korea right now. It improves GPS reception, app performance, the stability of health tracking features and various bugs.

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  • 23 Jun 2022

Do you know when will this be available for everyone?

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    • 21 Jun 2022

    LoneOwl, 20 Jun 2022Whats really interesting is that only for Samsung smartwatc... morei would like to thank you for what you just said it is a what i have been thinking about why doesent it have everlasting life

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      • 21 Jun 2022

      The only gripe I have with the Watch 4 is battery life. Why is that other (cheaper) watches with nearly the same features have battery life for more than a week but you'd be lucky to have this watch last the full day with most of the features running (which is what it's supposed to do). I hope they do something about it.

        1. During training, the battery status is not displayed and the time is not displayed during training selection while the watch is searching for a GPS signal.
        2. You cannot turn off the annoying countdown before the start of the discipline ...3 ...2 ...1.
        3. The battery drops from 12 to 20% during activity with the GPS module on !!! per hour !!! 🤦‍♂️ with the indication that I did not use music or LTE module, I do not even want to know how much time Samsung would hold during training with LTE / music / GPS and all notifications turned on🙄, probably would not be able to stand the distance half-marathon, or about 2 hours - complete nonsense! 👎) (no chance for a full-day hiking trip in the mountains) (for comparison, the new Polar model - Pacer Pro with a 265mAh battery lasts 35! 🤯😳 hours with GPS on) (It's a pity Samsung didn't do something like "Sport Mode" based on RTOS) (DualOS would solve the battery drain problem).
        4. If you accidentally minimize the starting dial with sports activities, the GPS searches for the signal from the beginning.
        5. THERE DOES NOT EXIST on WearOS good/simple application with off-line maps! (I did not expect this😑)
        6. There is no built-in GPS track navigation function (from a .GPX file)(this one too - Amazfit Pace which is almost 6 years old has it as standard).
        7. When I run, the distance traveled is displayed with a few seconds delay (when waking up, the distance is shown where I checked last time, after a second where I caught, and after a few it shows where I am - what is it? 😳)
        8. The distance traveled in the summary differs from the Strava/Garmin platform at 10 km is about 500 meters! 😳🤯 ... and this is unrealistic, because the route I run on all the maps, my watch, smartphone, Garmins show every centimeter and everything is correct. Unfortunately, not on Samsung
        9. The gesture of waking up the watch while running is random. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
        10. It is impossible to configure the buttons to your own preferences.
        11. The current pace of the race is absurdly wrong.
        12. When we pause the training, eg while standing at the traffic lights, or to drink water, the watch does NOT show the pause time.
        13. The rotating dial does not switch the application, but scrolls the active application (I had a different idea of ​​how it works during training). You can get around this by pressing the button twice quickly, but then only the last two used applications will switch. I wanted to use three as a spite during training (e.g. training, maps, dictaphone/barcode for Parkrun).
        14. The GPS module catches a fix much longer than the sports competition.

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          • 20 Jun 2022

          LoneOwl, 20 Jun 2022Whats really interesting is that only for Samsung smartwatc... moreis galaxy watch4 a browsingwatch

            Whats really interesting is that only for Samsung smartwatches from android wearable we learn about software updates.

            For the rest of the smartwatch makers with their proprietary software, they dont exist in terms of software support.

            One of the major reasons that no one should spend a lot of money on smartwatches like Amazfit, Xiaomi, Honor etc.