Weekly poll: Are the Poco X4 GT or Poco F4 tempting you?

26 June 2022
Successors to one of the best value-for-money phones ever, these two do offer a lot of hardware for not too much money. Or do they?

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AnonD-1033007, 26 Jun 2022Until they make their software stable, no. That is why I always install custom ROM for Xiaomi phones. But with the Poco X4 GT running Dimensity 8100 chipset, custom ROM support can be almost inexistent since Mediatek chipsets, in general, never have a great custom ROM support in the firet place, unlike Snapdragon-powered Xiaomi phones.

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    • 28 Jun 2022

    Anonymous, 28 Jun 2022Poco F2 Pro is still better than any Poco released after it... moreI have that exact phone and I believe it was the best Poco of the lot. Everyone keeps going on about F1 but F2 was great as well. Had the latest chip at the time being the sd865 with 5g and the 870 isn't really much of an upgrade. Amoled screen, 4700mah battery, head phone Jack, all screen display (pop up front facing camera) so no holes in the screen. I've had no issues with miui and just got another update yesterday and running on Android 12.

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      • Hkn
      • 28 Jun 2022

      For me.. I prefer samsung galaxy s20 Fe, 2yrs old and almost same SoC in poco f4. S20 fe has Micro Sd card, Very Good camera, IP 68,Good amoled, and it's a samsung expect Good software updates

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        • 28 Jun 2022

        Worst phone I had was a Poco , bought into the hype. Got rid of it in a month.

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          • 28 Jun 2022

          Poco F2 Pro is still better than any Poco released after it. Every smartphone since the start of the scamdemic has been utter trash.

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            • Valkov
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            • 27 Jun 2022

            Back at the day Poco was something when they started with F1. Nowadays they are just selling Redmi phones witn different back panel. MIUI was awesome, but starting slowly with 11th version they made it awful. It's not worth it dealing with them anymore.

              IpsDisplay, 27 Jun 2022My conclusion is fine.. more support for more colors actual... moreMegapixel is just an example to set a point.

              What I meant was, to a big extent HDR today stands for more "quantity" of colours.
              Do more colours always mean better colours, or better looking colours?
              A well tuned 8 bit display, is it always worse than a worse tuned 10 bit one?

              Because I've seen some 10 bit displays that look dark, specially cheap ones.

                Anonymous, 27 Jun 2022Not until Motorola can give at least 2 OS updates to its ph... moreI'm ok with 2 major Os upgrade.

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                  • 27 Jun 2022

                  Samath N8 808 owner, 27 Jun 2022As for your first para, yes, that's exactly what I mea... more8 bits is 2^8=256 Levels of brightness...for a total of (2^8)^3=16.777.216 colors
                  My old Amiga 500 already had 16 levels of brightness 2^4 with RGB it makes (2^4)^3=4.096 colors

                  About MP it's an other problem : it's size of photosites and size of the sensor...you've got for exemple 50MP 1/1.56" 1microns (Sony IMX766)...Samsung has a bad 50MP (JN1) 1/2.76" 0.64microns
                  Plus you've got image stabilisation.
                  AI and processing
                  It's something very hard to compare
                  I see both sensor : IMX766 on Oneplus Nord 2 and JN1 on Poco M4 Pro 5G...it's night and day. Poco is nowhere near! And it's normal when you read carefully the full specs.

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                    • 27 Jun 2022

                    Anonymous, 27 Jun 2022POCO was interesting with F1 when it was cheap with the bes... moreIt was cheap because they wanted to attract customers. The same like OnePlus did in the beginning. After they established some kind of fanbase they slowly increased prices. Now, even Xiaomi wants 1200EUR for their phones. And no, phones at that price are not worth it. Not even Samsung or Apple ones, let alone Xiaomi.

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                      • 27 Jun 2022

                      POCO was interesting with F1 when it was cheap with the best SoC on the market... all the rest became very very bad... high price and average features/speed/options.... in general, they are nothing original anymore.

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                        • 27 Jun 2022

                        I am surprised how people are still supporting and excited for a fraud brand Poco even after X3 disaster. Even though not everyone had the same issues after update, but still there were enough users whose phones were totally dead.

                          Samath N8 808 owner, 27 Jun 2022You're infering the wrong conclusion here. OLED's... moreMy conclusion is fine.. more support for more colors actually mean more colourful....

                          Saturation is a different argument all together

                          1 billion colors display can literally display colors another non 1 billion color phone cannot display at all

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                            • 27 Jun 2022

                            AlienKiss, 27 Jun 2022I'm seriously thinking of making a Tshirt with this se... moreAs if they would even notice... Adult people don't care about such nonsense.
                            Maybe you should finally grow up, but that's probably impossible.

                              No one mentions Realme GT Neo 2

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                                • 27 Jun 2022

                                I am definitely tempted with the X4 GT because of the impressive Dimensity 8100 chipset, but MIUI for Poco? That leaves a lot to be desired. Plus, being a Mediatek-powered smartphone, custom ROM support can be inexistent. I think I'll stick with the X3 Pro.

                                  No more like people scared that they may face same issue as poco x3.

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                                    • 27 Jun 2022

                                    AlienKiss, 27 Jun 2022I'm switching from Samsung to Sony because there'... morei actually needed updates...
                                    and my xperia 1 ii is still supported with updates, so not bad...
                                    and next year, i can repurpose it as a media player and a camera after upgrading to 1iv (or 1v if it is significantly better, like having a tsmc fab sd8+g1 or better, just no samsung fab sd)...
                                    or i might opt for lineage os, esp if 1ii will be under open device program, like the xperia 10 series...

                                      Bluewave, 26 Jun 2022No sd card = No buy , as simple as that.I'm seriously thinking of making a Tshirt with this sentence and go troll the Samsung store 🤣😁

                                        blue, 27 Jun 2022Buy a Sony with the worst support in the android world? Why... moreI'm switching from Samsung to Sony because there's no other brand in the android world that has the SD card slot available on high-end flagship phones. I'm just not interested in mid-range phones and my 1TB SD card is waiting for a new home.
                                        Updates are actually overrated and you can always root the phone and get the latest Android version if your device is no longer supported.
                                        PS I would never use a popcorn phone!