vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger test

26 June 2022
We test a pair of vivo X-series flagships and an iQOO 9 Pro with the speedy wireless charger.

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  • Ty boy
  • XBA
  • 02 Jul 2022

So nice phone

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    • v}S
    • 29 Jun 2022

    Can vivo v21 be charge?

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      • n1u
      • 28 Jun 2022

      How is this anything but a gimmick? With wired charging, you only need a wire. With wireless:

      1. Ironically, a wire to connect to your the pad to mains.

      2. A pad

      3. Fan!

      And unlike wireless network, you can't take your phone wherever you want, have to keep your phone on the pad to get it charged! How's this technological progress?

        SShock, 27 Jun 2022Also the fan pitch. It can be 27dB, but if it sounds like a... moreThanks for the name (pitch), I didn't know how to explain the difference of the noise with the fan. Glad that someone have understood directly my POV on this :D (I share the same feeling about the 3600 RPM, even though I hope there is a cooling management system embedded, hello planned osbolescence hahaha)

        As for the Qi Charger, perhaps they'll be a format like USB PD but for Wireless, that perhaps merges Qi and PMA :)

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          • AnonD-844232
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          • 27 Jun 2022


            Looks awesome.
            Still wanna see if any company will reborn Meizu Zero product and idea from the dust and ashes.
            Completely hole less and water proof phone what else can be better???

              GregLu, 27 Jun 202227 dB is kinda a loud noise at night when silence is king ...Also the fan pitch. It can be 27dB, but if it sounds like a buzzing mosquito, it'll be anoying as hell. If it's humming at 27dB it'll be far less annoying. But from my experience, anything running at 3600 RPM will almost always have annoying pitch...

              Also unsure what's the point of these proprietary wireless chargers. It'll only work with one device type (fast) and it'll still be incredibly inefficient.

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                • kek
                • GBh
                • 27 Jun 2022

                "Warm to the touch" tells us nothing, GSMArena people.

                Dont you have a infrared temperature gun somewhere to check the temperature?

                As we all know, temperature is key when reviewing wireless chargers. If vivo actually managed to keep it cool enough, props to them for their efforts

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                  • raN
                  • 27 Jun 2022

                  I’ve been using it for a week or so with my iPhone 11 and it replaced my Galaxy S9 Fast Wireless Charger as the Vivo one blows air on the back of the phone, cooling it down in the process. Very nice charger

                    when will vivo put 50w on their phones with micro usb....

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                      • ssY
                      • 27 Jun 2022

                      HUAWEI did this a with the mate 40 pro, how is this new tech of any sorts?

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                        • s8i
                        • 27 Jun 2022

                        Wired charging already gets quite hot. Will be interesting to see how hot wireless can be. And if the battery cycles remain the same whether the phone is charged wired or via wireless pad

                          I'd like to know how hot the phone and the charger get during the quick charging.

                            27 dB is kinda a loud noise at night when silence is king ...

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                              • matix
                              • pmH
                              • 27 Jun 2022

                              Could you check if it also works with OnePlus and Oppo phones supporting AirVOOC 50W? If it's anything as wired solutions it should also support them

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                                • Lkg
                                • 27 Jun 2022