Apple M2 MacBook Air's pre-orders to begin on July 8

30 June 2022
The M2 MacBook Pro, announced alongside the M2 MacBook Air, is already available for purchase.

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  • 02 Jul 2022

Is this another downgrade like the laughable M2 Macbook Pro or actually better or the same in specs this time?

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    • UG4
    • 30 Jun 2022

    Thinking, 30 Jun 2022Producers will go for Apple Mac the Cheese Grater with AMD,... moreThese are for the causals, it can do web browsing, photo editing, video editing, gaming, programming, document, media consumption and so on, functioning just like iPads, Always on, always available.. no need to wait for the PC to slow boot up.

    If need be, boot up VM windows / crossover to use some windows programs or games.

    Steam always shows the overwhelming Windows users than Mac on their statistics, but they failed to account for Mac users who is using crossovers and parallels VM for their games.

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      • tZ0
      • 30 Jun 2022

      Producers will go for Apple Mac the Cheese Grater with AMD, also probably dual boot with Windows11 too.

      Gamers also unlikely to use a low spec Air.