Realme sells 2 million GT Master edition smartphones

01 July 2022
This includes both the GT Master and GT Explorer Master.

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Anonymous, 01 Jul 20222M seems pretty lowImagine 5 or 10 million sales

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    • LoutervanPlaisier
    • mbD
    • 01 Jul 2022

    I have a GT Master Edition since February, the hardware of the phone is top, nothing less, but the security updates from Realme are not the best in the world for it's price you pay.
    Well today, 1st of July, I got the Android 12, ColorOS 3 upgrade, with the June security update, the last update was from early May and was the April security update. The Android 12 upgrade was since december availible in India and Europe should got it in February, so after 5 months of waiting voor Android 12, ColorOS 3 came in today. That's what Realme stands for in software. They said in an e-mail conversation, that every mobile phone get two years of security update, every two months one and one Android Upgrade. In an advert on Telegram the advertise that the Realme GT Master Edition get Android 13, but I don't believe in that dream. So this is my last Realme forever. I'll search my way to an other mobile phone. But I wish every one the best with a try and make the best of it, because I can be to strict with Realme and maybe I had to much luck at other phonemakers and mid-range mobile phones of them.

      Bhunu, 01 Jul 2022Still they don't have any proper back cover.It comes in the box

        Had it for a minute now
        Love the look and feel
        Some games cause serious overheating, like Kingdom guard
        Also not impressed by the camera at all
        In fact my biggest complaint in the camera quality
        To the other comentor it comes with a cover in the box but why would u when it has a textured back cover anyway

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          • Bhunu
          • 7kn
          • 01 Jul 2022

          Still they don't have any proper back cover.

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            • Marijus
            • KSA
            • 01 Jul 2022

            Realme GT Master edition one of the best smartphones you can own.I have just bought it and i am happy,for 430 euro i get 8gb+5gb(extendable ram)/256gb.Really i like Dragon Trail glass,120hz display,Super AMOLED

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              • Anonymous
              • ibm
              • 01 Jul 2022

              Anonymous, 01 Jul 20222M seems pretty lowConsidering Realme is such a young brand in the smartphone industry, 2 million for a particular series seems high enough for me.

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                • Ziyokhuja
                • SvX
                • 01 Jul 2022

                That is good

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                  • Anonymous
                  • uS}
                  • 01 Jul 2022

                  2M seems pretty low

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                    • Anonymous
                    • tZ4
                    • 01 Jul 2022

                    After latest update they become super lag

                      The Android Freak, 01 Jul 2022Yes. For sure. But for the launch price, camera was not so good.Same goes for most mid range phones starting price.

                      For example the very popular Samsung A52s at 500euro starting price was not worth it*(6/128),but in 2022 where you can find it for around half the price like GT master,its an awesome choice.

                      Realme GT neo 2,when it came in Europe. At around 550euro,its camera sucked big time.

                        LoneOwl, 01 Jul 2022Most of the sales are as usual from the GT master, especial... moreDepends on the market I guess. Almost all the sales in China were of the master explorer edition (based on the number of reviews over 95% of sales in China were for the more expensive model)

                          LoneOwl, 01 Jul 2022Most of the sales are as usual from the GT master, especial... moreYes. For sure. But for the launch price, camera was not so good.

                            Most of the sales are as usual from the GT master, especially nowadays that you can find it on big discounts and gives most 2022 mid range devices at this price range a run for their money.