CCA CRA wired IEM review

04 July 2022
Best budget in-ear monitors you can get today.

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zodiacfml, 04 Jul 2022wish you have some graphs to come with IEM reviews. judgin... moreif you want frequency response graphs, should look at crinancle

chinese audio is recent thing, audiophile quality at amazing prices, while their daps is still on going with improvements, dacs and iems are definitely reaching unbelieveable heights while reaching new markets who previously deemed iems too expensive from the US, UK, Korean and Japanese manufacturers

    wish you have some graphs to come with IEM reviews. judging from the review, I guess this performs as good as my Shure s215 that I bought years ago at $100, no KZ's or Xiaomi earphones back then

      Samath N8 808 owner, 04 Jul 2022Its USB-C and not 3.5mm but that's hardly an issue- my... morethis iem was reviewed by what hifi (whathifi don't review chinese iems though) many years ago, they like it and gave decent review, but times have changed, more than like moon drop chu or cca cra sounds better than this iem

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        • 04 Jul 2022

        “And it goes without saying but even though these cost just $15, they easily outperform even the most expensive wired earbuds on the market. But anyone who's into wired audio already knew that.”

        I think you meant to say most expensive wireless

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          • 04 Jul 2022

          Samath N8 808 owner, 04 Jul 2022Its USB-C and not 3.5mm but that's hardly an issue- my... moreIts got a 3.5mm jack not usb c.

            i am using kz zsn pro for playstation 4/5 and switch, it's good for gaming, but not so great for music though (moon drop chu is better in this respect for neutral sound), there new CCA CRA seems to make perfect gaming iems as it's v shaped and exciting, probably even sounds better than sony official pulse 3d headphones

              Nice to see that gsmarena is reviewing iems, these iems are direct competitor to moon drop Chu, but the difference is target market, moon drop are generally balanced And have flat signature, but kz are more bass oriented

                Yeah, bring audio reviews GSMArena!

                  Ever since I got the Tri i3 IEMs, I have no desire getting any headphones. Very well balanced and sound great through my Xperia. Really hoping the Mark V gets a better DAC to benefit.

                    Its USB-C and not 3.5mm but that's hardly an issue- my G8x supports both...
                    I was considering one such plugs more for my LG G8x, but I already own the phenomenal 64 ohms Soundmagic E80C.

                    Had to cancel many such earphones off my list just because I got the brilliant E80C at the right time and price.

                    Of course, each ear-p's have their own frequency sgnature, and soundstage... but will it be worth it anyhow? Is it built for the audiophile in the first place?

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                      • 04 Jul 2022

                      "one of the best I've heard in this price range" - it's $15 so that doesn't mean much.

                      Since you frequently feature $1000+ phones, perhaps you might like to try some more pricey in-ears like Beyerdynamic Xelento