Amazon India teases Galaxy M13 5G and a redesigned Galaxy M13 (4G), coming July 14

06 July 2022
The 5G model is yet to be announced. As for the 4G one, it looks different from the M13 that was launched internationally.

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  • Anonymous 2.0
  • rJc
  • 06 Jul 2022

Bruh they should keep 13 mp sensor!
I have A21s and it's 48mp sensor is better than my Dad's A23 phone's 50mp sensor! Same with selfie cam!
5G phone's are new scam with degrade in camera sensors for 5G chips!
Better stay with 4g for next 2 years! It's taking time for 5g to reach every part of world!

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    • Uzank
    • XNt
    • 06 Jul 2022

    July 2022 still use dimensity 700

      virtual ram doesnt do anything. even multitasking the phone still lags like a 2gb ram phone. just eating the storage with useless trash. no wonder why phones like this suddenly appearing out of storage notification. especially in 128gb storage. 64gb?? hell nah

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        • 3SI
        • 06 Jul 2022

        „12GB of virtual RAM“

        Why do you have to do this to is