BlackBerry Z10 breaks BB sales records in the UK and Canada

07 February, 2013
The smartphone has been on sale in Canada only for a couple of days, but it's off to a great start.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-78985, 07 Feb 2013Lol stop telling lies. Pathetic Wp user! In the link below ot sh... moreThats two different things actually. The comscore numbers are total number of US subscribers, as you can see BB slid 2 points, while MS slid 0.7 points. The numbers the Lumia fanboy is talking about is SALES in Q4, and naturally Lumia sold more in Q4 since all BB users were on the fence waiting for BB10. No miracle here, what BB fans and Nokia fans refuse to see is that BOTH systems are losing market share, so let them be the ones to fight over who is the big loser and who is the biggest loser.

I dont think we need to concern ourselves over who is the ugliest girl in class when we already know the pretties girl in class, and her name is Android.

  • RimmyRimmerRimBoy

RIM lol

  • Anonymous

Why do they need to talk up the sales? truth is they sold almost nothing. This is just a scene play from a bankrupt company who need to show results fast to get continued credit for operational expenses.­ackBerry-10-shops-deny-claims-by-Thorsten-Heins-­that-Z10-phones-are-selling-out.html

  • learn it nokia

bb nd nokia were in the same situation ...late to move in the then new change...touchscreen nd apps...instead of hurring for the touchscreens in the game without much potent under the hood like non touch optimized,no icons bt just plain letters lke crappy OS for keyboard in S60v3 S60v5...they bored users nd lost their feeling of leading OS...INSTEAD...They sud have waited nd revolutionized lke BB...until they got potent to compete under the hood...BUT ONLY FOR SHIT they abandoned the tradename of SYMBIAN nd moved waste their energy nd time for such in the dark WP...

  • olisadebe

Nino, 07 Feb 2013They were solding 10 units and now they sell 15...yes it's a rec... morehahahahahahahahahaha

Android for life

  • Mrplop

Not sure where they get these figures from?Where i work we havent sold one handset so far?Dont get me wrong its not a bad piece of kit but for me its priced too high.£500 is far too expensive and to try and compete against the iphone or the s3 is just plain stupid.I suppose its nicer to use and not as ugly as windows 8.

  • kris

hary, 07 Feb 2013Please, tell me could I use B z10 back in my country Indonesia (... moreyes u can use anywhere as long as you have a micro sim.

  • maxx

hary, 07 Feb 2013Please, tell me could I use B z10 back in my country Indonesia (... moreyes of course

  • AnonD-54303

the BB is a 2011 or 2012 phone with its specs. only thing they can use as a selling point is its OS, which i dont know if it is any good, but for all i know it could be amazing, i think the ubuntu phone will be better then this though in October.

AnonD-78985, 07 Feb 2013That's what happen when you don't have something. You hate the o... moreSorry, but its my decision not to have one even though i can. I don't want a system that choke itself, thats kinda trying too hard. On the topic, i wish both phone would be priced competitively.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-73681, 08 Feb 2013nice phone. much better than iphone and nearly as good as androi... moreMost will be returned.. The battery life is real bad.

  • mohan

Its a great phone and its much more better then all competive devices I love soo much and we waiting soon here in india

  • Kenny

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2013very nice phone. Well done blackberry. I like this more then w... moreOh Ok

  • AnonD-73681

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2013very nice phone. Well done blackberry. I like this more then w... morenice phone. much better than iphone and nearly as good as androids, obviously worse than lumia, however good for a good price.

  • Anonymous

very nice phone. Well done blackberry. I like this more then windows and android.

-apple user.

  • Anonymous

I quite like the z10. Now I use a nexus 7 at home as a tablet I'm in the market for a small phone. Might give this a go as the specs look good and its been a few years since I had a 8510

  • Technocrat

I don't think anyone was under the illusion that previous versions of Blackberry devices was "better" than iOS or certain android devices. But it all comes down to SUITABILITY and for the smart ones, COST OF OWNERSHIP (COO). From where I sit Blackbery has the best data plan that suits me at the moment. One persons needs and wants are not another's. So some people should calm down and evaluate their own needs when plunking down money for a new gadget instead of falling for hype or fads. Personally I am not into alot of apps, plus I own a good PC, Laptop, 10.1" tablet, 3 2 smartphones. So personally my needs are different. I think I might also be going for the Z10, because, in this device, my wishlist for a phone has been fulfilled by Blackberry .ie hotspot, f/f camera(for video chat), a good touchscreen(IMO physical keyboards are a thing of the past for masses), aesthetically pleasing, etc. Plus they even surprised me with features I wasn't requiring but I think will come in handy..
HOW MANY RANDOM APPS DO YOU NEED? Keep in mind alot of these apps drain battery in various ways, might cause security issues, etc.. SMH.

  • hary

Please, tell me could I use B z10 back in my country Indonesia (Asean Country) I really want to purchase one.
Would you pleased send that information Thank you very much.


  • AnonD-85335

Sme very defensive people on here. I am an iPhone user. I have tried android 3 times nt my cup of tea and I'm nt a big fan of wp. I will give bb10 a little try but why on earth do people hate on other people because they prefere other stuff!! Why do bb want to fail. More choice the better

  • Agus

Why not Indonesia first?