Photos of midrange HTC 603e surface in China

07 February, 2013
It's the first time we hear of the HTC 603е, but it seems like a carbon copy of the HTC One SV.

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  • ratty

am usin one and i want to if u can root it

  • Anonymous

Camera should atleast 8MP. 5MP is lame.

  • sdd

HTC user, 07 Feb 2013I love HTC so much but I hate 5mega pixel. at least 5mp is bette... moreThe leaked HTC 603е images come from the Chinese telecommunication equipment certification authority so these are quite real. What's not clear however is whether the smartphone is a completely new, unannounced model, or just a version of the HTC One SV, meant for China. Leaked...

  • sneha

me 2 ?????????????????????????????

  • HTC user

I love HTC so much but I hate 5mega pixel. at least 5mp is better on my HTC Desire S...

  • dude

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2013Hey HTC this 2013 not 2009well yeah it does say midrange phone if you read the title clearly

  • Any no Moose

5MP only? Ok, next!

  • AnonD-71153

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2013Hey HTC this 2013 not 2009And HTC is well advanced than Sammy !!!!

  • Anonymous

Hey HTC this 2013 not 2009

  • Jorge

This is actually a spec i wanted to see on a phone, now all brans are going for 5" sh*t...
dual core and 2gb ram in a 4.3" screen = all you need in a phone...
I just hope the battery gets a good performance.

since m7 is 650 with unlocked sim, this should be 450 sim free, that would be nice price, we could buy it in carrier for like 380 would be good price

  • AnonD-101504

cant wait for the press release

  • Anonymous

all this will be spoiled by the battery capacity :(

  • Name

Nothing special. And 650 eur? B*tch please!

  • Yajson

Great phone.
-Not that big (Hate 5" phones -- too big)
-Great innards

What I wish more
-Replaceable Battey
-Micro SD slot

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2013M4/M7...M1/M3/M5 were already registered?:)they are roads

  • Anonymous

M4/M7...M1/M3/M5 were already registered?:)

  • vonski

Looks like improved One S. But is it so fat???