Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G announced with Dimensity 810 and 108MP camera, Note 12 5G tags along

08 July 2022
These are the first Note 12 series smartphones having 5G connectivity.

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  • sq2013
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  • 22 Jul 2022

My god, all the whining on here. It's a solid if unspectacular CPU. It'll do most people fine. I quite like the aesthetic of the phone. Good charging speeds and a good size battery which with a less demanding CPU should mean very decent battery life. While it's not a variable refresh rate, it's an amoled panel and it's around 200 euros. I think that's pretty cool if you ask me. People are looking at it in the wrong context. Yes, it has limitations but it's got some stuff you don't see at this price point. Has a memory card slot too which is rare and also a 3.5mm jack as well as 5G. I'm very tempted. I have a Poco f3 and it supports 120hz screen refresh and I always have it on 60hz. I think this is really quite good from infinix.

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    • th1
    • 10 Jul 2022

    joe nodden, 09 Jul 2022Yeah and it only came 2 years too late. I mean look at the ... moreAnd the worst they pick the garbage instead of the better ones that had better gpus.

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      • Amit
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      • 10 Jul 2022

      Unbeatable note? Dude it got beat right at the start with that 60Hz panel. Damn the audacity

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        • Mike
        • JcT
        • 09 Jul 2022

        Omg yes not stupid punch I can buy it :)

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          • Hertzee
          • xjH
          • 09 Jul 2022

          Gusta, 09 Jul 2022How about Helio G99?Finally they left that ugly chipset🤣

            This soc can't even take advantage of the 108mp sensor

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              • Buudox fighter
              • XBd
              • 09 Jul 2022

              How can I get it and it is for how much

                Gusta, 09 Jul 2022How about Helio G99?Same has Cortex A76, not bad if you get it cheaper but around $200 go with sd 695 or any Cortex A78 soc, they are much faster and efficient.

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                  • Gusta
                  • XWt
                  • 09 Jul 2022

                  Hemedans, 08 Jul 2022Dimensity 810, sd 480, sd 720G, dimensity 700, Helio G96, G... moreHow about Helio G99?

                    you have to suffer, 08 Jul 2022finally. dimensity on infinix note seriesYeah and it only came 2 years too late. I mean look at the Redmi 10X 5G. These things only have the D810 and the 10X 5G had the D820 for the same price 2 years ago.

                    I mean it would be unfair to expect a D8100 in this price range but the D1000 or D1000+ should've been possible.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • th1
                      • 09 Jul 2022

                      dimensity 810 is garbage just a slight bump in cpu clock of Dimensity 700 while gpu still the same trash.

                      they shouldve put dimensity 720,800,800u instead.

                        You mean to tell me this thing has a 108MP sensor... and then two 2MP sensors.

                          Under 15000, Redmi Note 11 and Moto G52 are the only good choice. If you don't care about Android version(and if you are getting it in 11000),then you should get Moto G40/G60 blindly. Above 15000-20000, Poco X4 Pro 5G, Moto G82. None of the other phones are good. Redmi Note 10 Pro is one of option but only if you flash roms. iQOO Z5 if you want performance only.

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                            • 09 Jul 2022

                            Ra-Iri, 08 Jul 2022Got multiple Infinix phones and none of them was upgraded t... moreI agree with you on this

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                              • Ma Lou Wang
                              • tWg
                              • 09 Jul 2022

                              what a weak phone.

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                                • 3ZI
                                • 08 Jul 2022

                                "108MP primary camera on its rear, which is joined by 2MP depth and 2MP macro units"

                                Come on, maaan, this is ridiculous 😁

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                                  • 3SI
                                  • 08 Jul 2022

                                  Redmi Note 11? Ha, Infinix laughs at that, it has the Note 12!

                                    The Android Freak, 08 Jul 2022Zero 5G has LPDDR 5 ram and UFS 3.1 storage and was availab... moreSoftware and infinix? They have one of the worst soffware on market, its Bloated and time to time they send malware there.

                                      IgorS, 08 Jul 2022I don't see it as a downgrade because Zero series is m... moreDimensity 810, sd 480, sd 720G, dimensity 700, Helio G96, G95 etc they are of same tier, all have Old Cortex A78.

                                      New 2022 midrange phones has cortex A78 soc like sd 695 and Dimensity 900

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                                        • IgorS
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                                        • 08 Jul 2022

                                        Anonymous, 08 Jul 2022first thing first mtk 810 dosent even support 108 mp ,just ... moreIf I'm not mistaken, they use pixel binning on these 108MP cameras.