Kuo: Galaxy S23 series to use only Snapdragon chipsets

11 July 2022
Samsung may stop putting Exynos chips in its flagship Galaxy S-series.

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CptPower, 11 Jul 2022Either Samsung realized Exynos is crap or someone forced th... moreDude we had Exynos Flagships in India, get the geography part right ... :D
anyways, I think their foundry is to blame.

    Samsung's chips aren't that BAD, their foundry is...
    They should switch to using TSMC foundries.... Look at the difference that made to SD 8 Gen 1 series.

      What a waste of their AMD collaboration. The GPU performance does show some huge potential.

        SShock, 11 Jul 2022Horrible in what way? Chipset or anything else? I don'... moreAlmost everyone who bought an S phone with Exynos CPU since the S20 lineup, has complained about how hot the phones got for regular things like YouTube or surfing the internet.
        That affects the computing power, performance, battery life, basically the whole experience.
        I only wish they'd bring back the SD card and the 3.5mm jack as well.
        Finally some good news !

          The information feels wrong to me. I don't think Samsung will give us that much of happiness. 🥲

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            • 11 Jul 2022

            About time, Samsung wafers and chip manufacturing is terrible. Tensor chip, under performing chip that has constant WiFi and Bluetooth problems and heats up doing nothing... Samsung manufactured. Exynos and snapdragon 8 gen 1, constantly thermal throttling and hit and miss with battery efficency... Samsung manufactured. Nvidia 30 series Gpus, way to high power draw and get very very hot (3090 gets stupidly hot)... Samsung manufactured. No more crappy Samsung hardware please!

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              • 11 Jul 2022

              blue, 11 Jul 2022Since 8 Gen 1 is so bad with thermal management, is that re... moreWell, sure Snapdragon is hot. And although I'm actually sad if Samsung not making flagship Exynos again, Snapdragon is objectively better than Exynos. So it still a good thing, especially when both version are having same prices.

                Either Samsung realized Exynos is crap or someone forced them to do so.
                Would like to see opposite US, China, India and Korea get exynos powered flagships and Eu plus rest of the world gets Snapdragon.

                  FakeHair, 11 Jul 2022S22 lineup is horrible. I regret buying it and lesson learn... moreHorrible in what way? Chipset or anything else? I don't see anything obviously bad about them other than Exynos which is just inferior to Snapdragon variants...

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                    • 11 Jul 2022

                    This is funny and its all Samsung fault.

                    If they used their Exynos chip in all their flagships, comsumers won't feel cheated even if performance is lower than snapdragon.

                    But when you release your S series with 2 different chips, then people will feel scammed

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                      • 11 Jul 2022

                      GregLu, 11 Jul 2022Great, they'll put Snapdragon just when Dimensity is b... moreDimensity is not better in every way than Qualcomm Snapdragon, Snapdragon has advantages of better image processing unit.

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                        • 11 Jul 2022

                        In other words the collaboration with AMD and Exynos wasn't fruitful

                          Over the years, Exynos has been devastated and many Samsung fans in Europe have left the Galaxy.
                          Now Samsung will also use Snapdragon for the Galaxy in Europe, and it's time for Samsung fans to go back to their long wanderings.

                            if this turns out true, im 100% pre ordering it in Europe. I mean it was time

                              Great, they'll put Snapdragon just when Dimensity is better all the way ... Great job Samsung 🤔

                                PetalingStreet, 11 Jul 2022keep the Exynos Galaxy FE series/ Galaxy A Flagship/iPad co... morePfft... as long they use stock cores. that will never happen.
                                Samsung, like Qualcomm and Mediatek barely modifies the cores they get from ARM.
                                Apple in the other hand completely modifies the cores to be far larger and more powerful.
                                and this is coming from a knowledgable android user.

                                  THANK GOODNESS!!!
                                  I've been waiting for the day such a thing would actually happen.. no more exynos for flagships!

                                    I can never buy a phone with Exynos when an exact phone has Snapdragon and performing better for the same price just because it's not there in my region. Samsung reality is setting in profits probably have diped a little especially in Europe

                                      A lot of people complaining but I'm sure no one would differentiate them in a blind test. They are already powerful enough to not make a difference in day to day tasks.

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                                        • 11 Jul 2022

                                        Olympus Oms, 11 Jul 2022Duh, it's rumors. No ice universe said that all s23 series will get Snapdragon and usually he is always accurate on leaks