Ubuntu smartphones to arrive in October says Canonical CEO

07 February, 2013
The Linux-based mobile OS will hit the Galaxy Nexus in a specially designed ROM at the end of February.

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  • reza

ubuntu support persian language?

  • AnonD-161255

I was about to replace my old BB with an Android. The BB is still functioning so it will do until i get one with Ubuntu!

  • Sneeky

It would be great if it release on this year ! , i can't even wait for this kind of OS ! perfections !

  • mac

years back craples ceo says its a dearm that someone will use this os at once....LINUX....then its getting popularity and become the most successfull web profect yet....and make its way to desktop..then its a back few yeaz when linx servers eat most percesnt of web server...and become the most populer web server...many varients are made....and as a name of pripirity os its make its first way to mobile phone...and now in its full form its come to mobile....i will surely try it and wnt to see custom roms for all brands mobile

  • AnonD-109744

This is good sign to smartpfone bussines..more type of phone..
Will bring competition...and in long run...it will bring down the cost as there will no monopoly from one side...
Maybe people start to realize now android is laggy screwed memory mapping os....let see bow this ubuntu can go far...

  • Picar0

What matters is not if the OS will have all appzzzzz (or warezzzzz?) and gamezzzzz. Coming from Ubuntu, it will of course have a lot of them, even on ARM platform; it supports ARMHF platform, accurately. The real deal is:
1. will Canonical find one or more partners to produce their Ubuntu based smartphones,
2. will this OS be supported by carriers, like Vodafone, Verizon, Telekom, Orange, Telefonica and so on.
If not, I am afraid that, like Open Moko, it would remain a vaporware. If so, we can say a new challenger is coming soon.
Anyway, no hit and miss would be allowed, now, and they will have to catch up a lot of rivals.

  • Anonymous

This new os maybe good, but still on experimental stage. Smartphone now a days are ain't cheap for people to risk their money. So for me, I'd wait for a couple of years to see what they got.

  • Anonymous

If Blackberry can run 70,000 android apps using "Android Play", then why can't Canonical make Ubuntu run Android apps as well with a software interface?

  • darkangel

This will be the best OS for phones, together with Android! :)

  • AnonD-82826

A version for galaxy note n7000 will be available?
Android kernel main and Ubuntu kernel in recovery... dual boot will be a strong in fact best combination ever.

  • AnonD-4697

Ubuntu Takeover, 08 Feb 2013HOLY CATZ!!! IS IT REALLY The Boy With The Red Hat? Omg ma... moreHi bud!!!

Yep Im lurking around hehehe

I will post more often. Nice to see you too!!!

  • AnonD-79543

I guess the success of Ubuntu mobile depends on how well it can run android apps. Nobody wants to buy "no appzzz no gamezzz" phone. And no developer wants to build app for an OS that nobody is using. (except if it uses the developer's favourite language)

  • Linux

galaxy note 10.1, 08 Feb 2013hhhhhh... No one can beat android and then no one can beat ... moreIf ubuntu phone apps available off course beat android.

  • Ubuntu Takeover

AnonD-85006, 08 Feb 2013u forgot firefox os.I was not a big fan of Firefox OS and never had it in my name.
the ones I mentioned were other usernames I've had.

  • galaxy note 10.1

hhhhhh... No one can beat android and then no one can beat samsung. as android is the most popular and easy used and samsung is the king of smartphone world........

  • Anonymous

This is the only OS that will make me consider switching from Droid. I am very hopeful but only time will tell.

  • cjdelphi

until MS releases a version of windows that runs on your phone and desktop and tablet, all executing in native x86...

This looks promising, develop software on your desktop, copy it across to your mobile device and run it, well in theory, if they can pull it off, i'll switch from Android...

Android however is still going to be the leading choice for some time to come...

  • moughel

dont like it
android will rule

  • Shadow

If canonical is clever enough, it may be the winner. I hope to see a fluid OS and I wish that the programmers will support it with high quality APP. I have used windows 7 ( like many out there), ubuntu desktop and android and IOS. Frankly talking I love ubuntu and android. You can change everything in it easily. But when it comes to business and using high quality apps, windows and IOS win. I like apple because it has sevre control on apps.

  • Anonymous

AliTeh, 07 Feb 2013Just to mention , Android is also a Linux distribution! and linux from apple?