Nothing phone (1) is finally fully official

12 July 2022
No more teasers, we now have all of the details.

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  • rZu
  • 10 Aug 2022

Jujoo, 05 Aug 2022Overpriced. Nothing really new. Once you put a cover on it ... moreYap that true

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    • Sin
    • 0Fj
    • 08 Aug 2022

    I just find out the nothing phone also has anti repair design another reason too avoid this phone and brand

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      • Sin
      • 0Fj
      • 07 Aug 2022

      Donsteve, 17 Jul 2022I like the phone 🥰🥰, majority always hate good things at fi... moreThere is no good in the nothing brand at all

      it should be hated

      i don't like
      no changer in box
      over priced phone paired with under power processor
      no headphone jack
      no sd card slot
      not stock android
      hole punch in screen
      none removable battery
      unknown software support or updates

      you get nothing

      Your so very wrong its painfully so

      Its the other way around good things are liked look at ever brand 5-10 years ago then brands go bad but mainstream people learn too be ok with it

      Was really nice phones that where not tablet size in the past at much better prices too
      a flagship phone would be 500 pound easily or can fit a flagship into a even lower budget

      Back then apple was on the table as a possible option but was overpriced i wanted the iphone 5c ended up never buying it got a flagship android phone instead because the games i wanted too play are on android not on ios

      But today there is no way i will buy anything from apple they didn't support my dream iphone i don't think it possible too custom rom it with android and all of apples new phones don't come with changers and ios support so much worse then android

      A android smartphone running even as far back as android 6 is usable nearly
      everything still works on it old versions of android there are third party app stores as well as the google app store so if one shop don't have the item i want i just go too another shop same can't be said for ios with only just 1 app store and they take away anything they like from you should not even be legal too block side loading

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        • Jujoo
        • Nu7
        • 05 Aug 2022

        Overpriced. Nothing really new. Once you put a cover on it which you definitely must , no thing special about it again.

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          • Neet Joshi
          • rK5
          • 18 Jul 2022

          NickValok, 12 Jul 2022Nothing is Nothing. It was nothing special and there are... moreNothing phone 1 how to buy nothing phone is nothing in market so nothing company please supply to gujarat and nothing phone 1 is mine blooming phone in market for low budget

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            • Samcolons
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            • 18 Jul 2022

            Donsteve, 17 Jul 2022I like the phone 🥰🥰, majority always hate good things at fi... moreSome of us still hate it

              I like the phone 🥰🥰, majority always hate good things at first. Iphone was greatly hated at first

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                • Sin
                • 0Rw
                • 16 Jul 2022

                Michael , 16 Jul 2022Firstly, this is suppose to be a mid range / budget phone s... moreNegative feed back is fully asked for by there actions of the nothing brand look at this ugly phone it makes u feel sick too your stomach

                They take all the bad from apple and none of the good

                This the worsed fake iPhone ever
                At least the genetic phones have some good in them dispute of everything wrong with then

                A genetic iPhone has SD card slot and is don't cost a arm and a leg
                And I truely have more respect for wish phone sellers and makers

                Then the nothing phone makers
                Please be a huge fail stop making phones

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                  • Hertzee
                  • mFd
                  • 16 Jul 2022

                  So it ain't coming to Africa, nigeria in particular, they we can afford this tho, they following the footsteps of pixel

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                    • Michael
                    • mEk
                    • 16 Jul 2022

                    Sin, 16 Jul 2022I hope nothing is a failure Over paying for over Priced ... moreFirstly, this is suppose to be a mid range / budget phone so you shouldn’t be comparing this to the likes of high end market ie Apple and Samsung! Their prices are no where as expensive so that people that either can’t afford or don’t want to spend so much money, they have another option.
                    Secondly, for the person who designed this probably doesn’t appreciate your negative feedback and the very least he used something ie their brains for such innovation.
                    Last of all, your grammar is pretty poor and you should learn how to spell! End off!

                      These days phone makers make more noise than products. I bought phones on hype and now i don't see what's happening with the promises

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                        • Sin
                        • 0Rw
                        • 16 Jul 2022

                        I hope nothing is a failure

                        Over paying for over Priced crap with under powered processor

                        No headphone jack
                        no SD card slot
                        No changer in box
                        Hole punch in screen

                        All this problems in there very first phone
                        If there this bad when there new brand too the market just wait till they became mainsteam they will be even worse then apple

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                          • IloveEeEe
                          • vxL
                          • 15 Jul 2022

                          Nothing is an up market product and so I wish to see a mini , cheers

                            Every year...
                            Techtubers: "This is the most fun phone I've used in years!"

                            Salesmen trying to sell us junk we don't need.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • vmG
                              • 15 Jul 2022

                              Now we see why the phone needs to build up the hype as well as the gimmicky back, it has nothing to actually compete in the midrange market and just an overpriced and under powered piece of hardware.

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                                • Duckwards
                                • x3V
                                • 15 Jul 2022

                                Nothing phone 1. It says it all. What a rubbish kinda phone. Not even the top tier snapdragon. Hope this trash of a phone goes down the drain. Such a wasted effort.

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                                  • vGu
                                  • 14 Jul 2022

                                  Anonymous, 14 Jul 2022Please stop this BS already To make it clear, Nothing ne... moreGosh people are so gullible and brand loyal for all the wrong reasons 🤦.

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                                    • JG01
                                    • j$q
                                    • 14 Jul 2022

                                    Well done Carl P. !!! Shake it up and bring on the competition !! Apple/Samsung and others have been boring for a long time. Little changes make a big difference. I'll be buying this phone.

                                      Anonymous, 13 Jul 2022Okay why don't you guys make your own phones then, ins... moreNo body can. When you bombarding market with thousands of same cheap quality phones with different fancy names and gimmicks who will compete with Chinese

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                                        • Prihan
                                        • pmH
                                        • 14 Jul 2022

                                        Domt buy this phone. Redmi 11 is much better. Im selling redmi 11 in my shop only 499 euro. If you indian a very special price of 489 euro.