Apple and Jony Ive part ways

13 July 2022
The former design chief served as a consultant for Apple since 2019.

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  • 7kj
  • 23 Jul 2022

Who is this typical western baldie?

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    • 4Y4
    • 21 Jul 2022

    Got fired, his designs did not triple the profit. You cannot really quit a job in USA, you need to provide at least two week notice to HR to quit, but within such two weeks the company fires you for professional misconduct or poor work performance.

      Anonymous, 18 Jul 2022Look at you mercilessly defending Apple in every article Mercilessly?

      I can be merciful when the critique makes sense, most of it aimed at Apple on this site doesn’t match that description though.

      Lazy attempt at a play on my own words though dude.

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        • M0x
        • 18 Jul 2022

        DaFink, 17 Jul 2022Oh look at that you put and ‘i’ in front of another word in... moreLook at you mercilessly defending Apple in every article

          royo1e, 15 Jul 2022WOW... one man leaving a company, becomes news. It seems th... moreOh look at that you put and ‘i’ in front of another word in an attempt at an Apple pun, how very cleaver and original of you! How long were you working on that by the way?

          This is simply an article about what could be considered news. Apple’s lead designer, responsible for some of their most iconic designs in their most iconic products across 2+ decades, finally cuts the last ties with the company he helped propel to the heights it has achieved. But I read no bias in the article itself, maybe there is a sickness closer to home you should focus on….🤷

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            • S Yu
            • vU9
            • 17 Jul 2022

            Bailey, 15 Jul 2022Wow, you assume a lot from Jony Ive going? I didn't assume anything, it happened after he stepped down from his official role at Apple into an external consultant

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              • Bailey
              • p%4
              • 15 Jul 2022

              S Yu, 14 Jul 2022I'm pretty sure the butterfly keyboard and removal of ... moreWow, you assume a lot from Jony Ive going?

                WOW... one man leaving a company, becomes news. It seems the news author is a blind fan of Apple. Apple sickness everywhere. Name it iDisease

                  S Yu, 14 Jul 2022From my knowledge there's way, way more to sound quali... moreRight. Absolutely right.
                  Still I might add, audiophile is a very generic term used for people seeking quality of audio that is as close to the live performance as reasonably possible. It is associated with "the targets of the listener" and not "the equipments and devices used".
                  So, this effectively doesn't disconnect them from the mobile phone, because there are absence of concrete standards of what can be called audiophile grade audio.
                  Me listening to my owned lossless (FLAC) audio on my G8x, using a Soundmagic E80C, may make me an audiophile if I'm seeking live performance like quality, or it may not make me one, if someone just handed me all this saying "Try it bro, its damn cool" !
                  Its the listener's focus and objective that counts, not equipments and devices. We need to learn to separate both of these.

                    blue, 14 Jul 2022Anything that end with the words "DAC" is very lo... moreWhat is "true" audio quality anyways? I suppose close to live performance, eh? Ok.
                    But, what can effectively reproduce the same result as a live performance? You yourself know its a target you seek, but never actually achieve.
                    Thus for all practical purposes, live performance level audio has NOT been achieved anywhere so its not a standard. By this, yes, mobile phones with reasonably high quality like G8x can be an audiophile's tool, because perfection is unachieved with anything anyway.

                    Check this and know that there's no set standard for being an audiophile:
                    Only thing is, you can't be a lossy music collector, seeking formats like mp3 or so. Which a mobile phone owning audiophile may not be.

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                      • t7D
                      • 15 Jul 2022

                      Good. The guy's been phoning it in the last few years.

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                        • S Yu
                        • vU9
                        • 14 Jul 2022

                        CptPower, 14 Jul 2022Well man Ive is a genus. Its comparable to my homeland gu... moreI'm pretty sure the butterfly keyboard and removal of ports resulting in the spartan Macbook are the "genius" work of Ive. Good riddance. Now we're getting more ports back(and some thickness for better heat performance) in a number of models.

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                          • S Yu
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                          • 14 Jul 2022

                          Samath N8 808 owner, 14 Jul 2022I wish to dispel some rumours here:- 1. There's no ne... moreFrom my knowledge there's way, way more to sound quality than the DAC, in fact the amp may serve a greater role than the DAC in the context of easily driven BA earphones. "Easily driven" means that it's easy to drive them to an adequate sound level, not that it's easy to drive them so that they sound best. My current player (which I don't use all that often) sounds best by far when I plug into the LO port, this supposedly bypasses the entire amp but the devs left a way to directly control the output of the DAC so I don't blow my eardrums, the driving power is far weaker than the PO port but sufficient for my 6 driver CIEMs and cheap single driver IEMs. It may work for certain dynamic models but I don't really feel the need to test new gear.
                          ...Above it all though, it seems that the nibs matter more than anything(CIEMs aside), my very cheap single BA model(~$7) sounded like ~$20 on both my phone and my player, speaking to its price-performance ratio, but sounded like ~$40 when I swapped the included nibs for ~$2 branded dual flange ear tips that have a much tighter fit. Always get the nibs that sound best for a certain model before trying to upgrade anything else in the pipeline...

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                            • blue
                            • 0CN
                            • 14 Jul 2022

                            Samath N8 808 owner, 14 Jul 2022I wish to dispel some rumours here:- 1. There's no ne... moreAnything that end with the words "DAC" is very low beneath a true audiophile standard. And anything that combines "audiophile" with a cellphone or a smartphone is ridiculous at best. Buying good headphones and listening to a lot of music does not make you an audiophile.
                            And no, you really don't get a true audio quality from a phone. Certainly not to match the quality of a medium level audio system.

                              Khaled124, 14 Jul 2022Goodbye Jony Ive, welcome Jhonny SinsI've seen him do many jobs, but never a phone design. So far... XD

                                Goodbye Jony Ive, welcome Jhonny Sins

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                                  • Marky T.
                                  • 3RU
                                  • 14 Jul 2022

                                  Jony "I've designed a notch" - that's how I will remember him.

                                    blue, 14 Jul 2022Apple does not care for a near zero category of users. Audi... moreI wish to dispel some rumours here:-
                                    1. There's no need for an audiophile to be separated from the mobile phone. Remember, audiophiles are also human beings with limited cash, its not necessary they have anything and everything.
                                    DSLR's quality and versatility may not be achieved by the phone, but audio player's quality definitely can be.

                                    2. Audiophiles are not backward, its your limited understanding of technology that's the limit here.
                                    See, every digital audio system has a DAC, it can be both within the device or outside it.
                                    And every digital audio system does have wires to carry the signal to ear/headphones so every signal is converted to analog as well.
                                    Yes, every digital sound you hear is actually analog. You can't hear sounds in 0s and 1s, it must be converted to analog.
                                    The only factor is:- Where is the DAC? Outside the device or within it?
                                    Keeping them inside the device fixes their quality. Keeping them outside, makes them variable but mostly makes the customer get charged for each new DAC they buy.

                                    Plus, you can't ignore that the highest quality of earphones and headphones are/were/will be always on either 3.5mm jack or 6.3mm jack.
                                    My LG G8x is way above iPhone in sound quality now, its the best there is, and it too has a 3.5mm jack.

                                    With all due respect, its ok to not know, even I don't know many things, but please gain more knowledge on this...

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                                      • blue
                                      • Mx6
                                      • 14 Jul 2022

                                      The Flip, 14 Jul 2022Apple really hasn't been great since Steve Jobs died. ... moreApple hasn't been great? It is still the No. 2 brand in the world by sales and No. 1 by income, how it can't be great? They still bring new functions and technology. You are too blinded.

                                        Apple really hasn't been great since Steve Jobs died. They've made more money. But the innovation just isn't there. No more Steve Jobs and Jony Ive always brainstorming. And Jony Ive couldn't stand Scott Forstall but Steve loved that. He wanted deliberation.

                                        I believe the last time Jony Ive put so much input into an Apple product was the Apple Watch. I know he got trashed for the design of iOS7 in 2013. People missed Forstall's skeumorphic design. Jony did design the iPhone X as well but I'm not sure how much input he made since he's been distant from Apple for years.