Exclusive: First look at the Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4

14 July 2022
Check out the successors to last year's GTR 3 and GTS 3.

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  • MuNkY
  • EbV
  • 26 Aug 2022

im hoping the GTR / GTS 4 has spotify playlist....can run without a phone....

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    • JC2
    • IbE
    • 15 Aug 2022

    I just went from the original GTS to GTS 3.

    GTS 3 is the same size as the original GTS but with a higher screen to case ratio of 72% but with same PPI. Unfortunately they actually reduced the font size compared to the GTS. In addition, with latest firmware, none of the third party apps that allow you to customize the notification font size or at least make the notification text all caps work. Along with the ability to install watchfaces from 3rd party sources. The firmware has basically locked all these apps out from sending anything or changing anything on the device! Only the Zepp app will do that and while Zepp 2.0 is a big improvement I still like Notify for Amazfit better, more well thought out options and features. What a shame the new firmwares have eliminated a lot of the features from working. There's even a Big Font app in the Zepp store and it of course doesn't work as it has to rely on a 3rd party app to send the notifications to the watch which the new firmware blocks.

    The heart rate monitor is better along with other additional bells and whistles. So it's going to come down to is a more accurate heart rate monitor, skin temp/stress, O2 level, etc worth getting a watch I can no longer read the notifications without having reading glasses on? They need to take after Apple and Samsung and introduce a font size setting. But I laugh at people wearing those watches knowing they have to charge than once a day or every two days which is hilarious they paid that much money and I paid less than half for a watch that last like 10+ days before needing to be charged. (Like 2 weeks on my GTS with the always on screen turned off.)

    The band is more plasticky than rubbery too on the GTS 3 compared to the GTS and not as comfortable. Just a shame. Been a semi-tech gadget wonk for years. So many times these newer devices take one step forward and 2 steps back.



    Oh an by the way, on the GTS 4, it's going to be bulkier (thicker and heavier) than the GTS 3 and GTS 4 mini due to the newer sensor. And the battery life is expected to be about half the GTS 4 mini. So unless they did something crazy like actually let you change the notification font size, I see no need to hold out for the GTS 4 as having a better heart rate sensor than the GTS 3 (which is adequate for my purposes) or ECG or whatever is not important enough for me to say goodbye to the extremely long battery life of the mini and the GTS 3 (and pay a premium for a brand new model to boot.)


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      • Anonymous
      • iYQ
      • 12 Aug 2022

      was waiting for leaks and now i can buy GTR 2 that looks way better and its price is dropping.

        SomeCOdudebut , 09 Aug 2022Cost? After reading this I'm leaning towards the 4 min... moreI've been waiting for something that will move me away from my Bip but 2 month battery life is hard to leave behind!
        I think the mini looks ok but not sure if it has the same upgraded sensor like these?

          wildcats1983, 25 Jul 2022I cant wait for these to be released. I was going to purch... moreAgreed - looks like the head of a match

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            • SomeCOdudebut
            • Rp8
            • 09 Aug 2022

            Cost? After reading this I'm leaning towards the 4 mini. Likely cheaper and has longer battery life. Unless there are some features I want and\or the price is close I'll probably upgrade to the 4 mini from my 2e.

            I like the automatic exercise detection if it works well. Biking and rowing are my favorite activities and it will be convenient.

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              • UserFrom4364
              • MXu
              • 09 Aug 2022

              Gamod, 04 Aug 2022I love the GTR 2 model stainless steel. Looks so nice and c... moreGTR 3 Pro have Limited edition that is stainless steel version with a little bit different design.

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                • Gamod
                • 3LN
                • 04 Aug 2022

                I love the GTR 2 model stainless steel. Looks so nice and classy. The GTR 3 pro didn't have any stainless steel option and the gtr4 looks a bit too sporty for me.... I don't know. I would prefer they would evolve based on the gyr 2. My fav one so far.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • D0e
                  • 03 Aug 2022

                  When we expect the release date

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                    • 0cJ
                    • 02 Aug 2022

                    Amazfit needs to address its sports accuracy to compete with the likes of Garmin, Polar and Apple. Apple's battery life is too limited, but the accuracy is quite amazing.

                    So far, Amazfit has not managed to get close to a useful accuracy at higher heart rates, or sleep for that matter.

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                      • 3SX
                      • 02 Aug 2022

                      wildcats1983, 25 Jul 2022I cant wait for these to be released. I was going to purch... moreI agree, the button looks terrible, but I'm waiting for the release to buy it

                        I cant wait for these to be released. I was going to purchase the GTR 3 Pro, but I might just wait.

                        There is just one thing I do not like about these leaked pictures. On the GTR 4 the button on the side looks big and UGLY (it looks plastic). I like the style on the GTR 3 Pro much better. Even the GTS 4 looks much better. Why did they have to change it on the GTR 4?

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 8N2
                          • 23 Jul 2022

                          Will it come with QI charging?

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                            • Tlecobert
                            • iy$
                            • 19 Jul 2022

                            Uzemberg, 18 Jul 2022I'd be very pleased if they just added the blood press... moreAgreed. Even if it is there is some stupid regulatory hindrance. A secret hack by which to enable the blood pressure function in excluded countries would be nice. People would know its not official.

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                              • Alex
                              • AAq
                              • 19 Jul 2022

                              The GTR 4 looks nicer than the GTR 3. However, the GTS 4 looks like it has larger bezels than the GTS 3 (at least in the renders).

                                I'd be very pleased if they just added the blood pressure function to my current gtr 3 pro- from what I understand the sensor is already in place and a total waste for now.

                                  TheAlienNextDoor, 14 Jul 2022Pretty disappointing to be honest. GTR 3 was sleek and m... moreNothing new and special comparing to 3rd Gen. So I wait drop price for gtr 3 pro now it is 169 eur so hope to cut down price more.

                                    No payment. Either you get closed os long life or payment and answer notification and every day charging.

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                                      • lollo
                                      • KkZ
                                      • 17 Jul 2022

                                      gnusmag, 16 Jul 2022I disagree, introducing a new bio sensor with potentially m... moreYeah, the sensor 3.0 is innacurate. Today the best sensors have Apple and huawei.

                                        How about lte, nfc and Google pay options? Ram and internal storage?