Rumor: Xiaomi is also working on a phone with a 200MP sensor

14 July 2022
It will have a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset (allegedly), so this will likely be a premium model. Not quite as much as the 12S Ultra, but still very high end.

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Pretty likely that this'll be the Mix 5. Mix 4 released last August too, so this probably isn't that far away.

    Magnificent Suleiman, 14 Jul 2022New Xiaomi Mix incoming?YEP.....

      it's for xiaomi mi mix 5

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        • 8xr
        • 14 Jul 2022

        Again the war of mega pixels, the old reliable, because mobile technology is so stagnant that they no longer know what else to invent to get money!!!! 200 megapixels that can only interest us phone nerds, because the end user is not even interested in knowing how many megapixels in his camera while he takes a nice and colorful photo

          Wow, mega pixel war started now..

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            • Magnificent Suleiman
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            • 14 Jul 2022

            New Xiaomi Mix incoming?

              If they know how to add 1" , using smaller sensor from 1" may create space for something else, like brighter aperture.

                Numbers, numbers, numbers...