Nothing phone (1) in for review

19 July 2022
Let's look past all the hype and answer the important question - is this a good phone?

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  • 19 Jul 2022

- Visionox screen with green tint and dead pixels around camera.
- Smaller front cam compared to phones with small bezels (sony/asus)
- Usb 2.0
- IP53 only ( feature from 2012)
- Gorilla 5 ( like 2017 phones)
- Stock android ( 🤢)

Funny he keeps mention 778g+ allows Qi charging. SoC has nothing to do with presence of Qi charging.
Any phone can have this if OEM decides to use.

By the way, 778 has downsides compared to 765/750 , just like 695 has against 690.

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    • 19 Jul 2022

    nothing to see here, I'll wait for the Christmas holidays, which is when they will put it at 200 dollars for the few sales and I will give it to one of my godchildren

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      • 19 Jul 2022

      Lccy, 19 Jul 2022Nothing interesting Nothing of note Nothing unique Nothing to review here.

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        • 19 Jul 2022

        Nothing interesting
        Nothing of note
        Nothing unique

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          • 19 Jul 2022

          AnonD-1033007, 19 Jul 2022Nothing phone is nothing but a commercial fraud. They creat... moreCompany that previously was selling earbuds.
          Obviously there would never be resources enough to make something wow, when even established brands avoid because of super high costs.

          Sorry to say, but person has to be ultra innocent (to avoid saying the deserved word here) to expect anything different from what was presented.

            Anonymous, 19 Jul 2022No site has called this excess of LEDs "gimmick".... morethe writer got held hostage by carl pei that he wont call that excess disco lights a gimmick. i feel so bad for writers at gsmarena while writing about the device. so forced

              GAMIR3DH, 19 Jul 2022No charger in the box? How can i take Nothing seriously?they followed apple's footsteps where they remove the brick from iphone 12. samsung? maybe s21 or s22 series.

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                • 19 Jul 2022

                No site has called this excess of LEDs "gimmick".
                But they would if it was another brand (except samsung, google and oneplus obviously).

                  No charger in the box? How can i take Nothing seriously?

                    you have to suffer, 19 Jul 2022overpriced and overhyped device.Motorola edge 30 is Better than this, Pixel 6A could have been also good but the refresh rate is capped at 60hz, they could have give at least 90hz 🤨

                      AnonD-1033007, 19 Jul 2022Nothing phone is nothing but a commercial fraud. They creat... morethe nothing phone 2 would priced double from the first generation. anyway, who in the right mind comparing their disco light midrange phone to an iphone?? so unprofessional. hoping they will use IPS LCD instead of OLED because of that green tint issue

                        overpriced and overhyped device.

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                          • 19 Jul 2022

                          Nothing phone is nothing but a commercial fraud. They created such a big hype, we thought something brand new would come to the industry but at the end, the phone is literally like every other phone.
                          Now don't mind my comment, this is just my thoughts.
                          Also the newest issues like green tint, front camera dot issue is a deal breaker for some people.
                          The price is RIDICULOUS! Almost 500€ is a joke, you get chipset that even my 300€ A52s has.
                          I saw few reviews and the cameras aren't really good, they're just average. If not even below average.
                          Not including a charger brick for a brand new company was such a low move.
                          My personal opinion is that i don't like this company at all, maybe something will change when they release Nothing phone (2) but i highly doubt, i forgot to mention that they compared themselves to an iPhone which is such a joke and unprofessional thing to do. That's it from me.