Netflix loses 1M subscribers in Q2 2022, confirms ad-supported tier for early 2023

20 July 2022
Overall revenue grew despite exchange rates due to increased average paid memberships.

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  • 20 Jul 2022

You go woke, you go broke!
Even that new Resident Evil series has major problems. Im only going to point that the left is desperate to continue its lies and to keep the ignorant blinded. They tried to criticize 4chang! obviously cause they hacked and exposed joe biden as a pedo-- see the videos of how his own son calls him that before they get taken down by the left media & social media....oh and google.

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    • pIW
    • 20 Jul 2022

    Lose 1M subscribers = stock up 5%.

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      • Rajesh-Vanshi
      • U{v
      • 20 Jul 2022

      thats great thing happend, bunch of useless ads while watching movies/series being paid subscriber, so only discontinued subscription last month.

        Eliezerjk, 20 Jul 2022Why? Standard and premium subscribers wouldn't be affe... moreThey will be affected by trash-tier content they provide, not to mention removing movies that people actually watched...

          next will be Disney

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            • yawnPhone
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            • 20 Jul 2022

            TL:DR. yawn! things I don't like about Netflix.
            1- there's no view all option just swipe, time consuming.
            2- minimum video quality is 480p.
            3- bad search results.
            4- doesn't give much info about the TV series like,
            *release year seasonally, only shows for latest season.
            *first aired dates of the episodes.
            *instead of giving info about plot in description they just write about producers and awards etc, like there's character limitations, but why?
            *info about dubs.
            *if they don't have the rights to season 1 but 2, it is displayed in very nonsensical way its hard to tell whether it season1, 2or3. (prime video is best in these department imo).
            5- instead of starting over, it'll start the video just few seconds from the end of duration (downloaded ones, when played again).
            6- bad detection rate, whether you already finish watching a video or not.

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              • Anonymous
              • S3y
              • 20 Jul 2022

              I left Netflix, after the last price hike, I was aware that it was coming, but the fact that they reduced the likes of India netflix by more then half, and then went ahead and increased the USA, Canada and UK, to no doubt offset this was a kick in the b*lls, then they are getting all worked up about password sharing, something that they entire foundation was built upon, then they have a very low catalogue of titles, every other genre contains the same film, you can see it sometimes across 4-6 separate genres, making the catalogue look much bigger then it actually is, Covid obviously hindered their production but even so the fact that they have to lease most of their content on a monthly basis, with very little of any substance just made me dump it, and I have not missed it either

                chris1998, 20 Jul 2022Prices have risen because so has cost of living. If the content grew, your point would be logical. But with rising the price and removing more content, has nothing to do with price on everything else in life.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • K1L
                  • 20 Jul 2022

                  I'm still totally happy with my current Mobile-only subscription and I still don't see the need to leave for something else. Disney+ is definitely not on my list since I never watch Disney titles.

                    Eliezerjk, 20 Jul 2022Somehow I got impressions that you misunderstood the concep... moreWell man i though they starting to giving ads.
                    Anyway if there arent any ads for same price as before its nice but paying 5 or 10 more for same tv series, movies etc for having no ads or keep price i pay and was paying and get ads No thanks.

                      glad to hear that... they deserve bankruptcy because they're promoting Homosexuality, adultery and all the filth even in the cartoon movies to ruin the children ideology and minds!

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                        • 8tY
                        • 20 Jul 2022

                        why do people pay to watch something on the internet, anyways? we're on the internet, like seriously

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                          • sUS
                          • 20 Jul 2022

                          stoon, 20 Jul 2022bad movies choice, so yeah that was expected and this will ... moreSituation is normalizing so more people are now touching grass outside.

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                            • stoon
                            • rX}
                            • 20 Jul 2022

                            bad movies choice, so yeah that was expected and this will continue, it's just the begining of their end !

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                              • mobileman
                              • pdH
                              • 20 Jul 2022

                              commercials for netflix movies.. no thanks!

                              i just get it bcoz i dont need watch commercials when i joy movies.

                              if i get it with comercials,price should be very very low...but even that not help, i quit it.

                              but, if i understadn, normal version also included...but price.. no more higher!!!
                              i start order it 8€/month, now it is 12€/month!!

                              no more higher. i can live without it.

                                The next blockbuster

                                  typical , 20 Jul 2022Netflix digging their own grave. With such a greedy changes... moreWhy? Standard and premium subscribers wouldn't be affected by the changes... They wouldn't see any ads regardless...

                                    CptPower, 20 Jul 2022Paying for netflix is fine as long as there are no stupid a... moreSomehow I got impressions that you misunderstood the concept... You don't pay EXTRA if you use the currently existed tier. They will created a new price tier (cheaper the currently available one) and that tier would than have ads. If you use standard or premium tiers, then there is NO ads and you don't have to pay extra.

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                                      • typical
                                      • nC4
                                      • 20 Jul 2022

                                      Netflix digging their own grave. With such a greedy changes they will lose way subscribers more soon, making way for other streaming platform.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Ld5
                                        • 20 Jul 2022

                                        Ads? No thanks. If are they in crisis, rise prices, but give us good shows, no ads, sharing account, 720p like minimum, and nobody will ask why they rise the prices.