You can already reserve a new Galaxy Z foldable, Watch5 or Buds, will get $200 credit if you do

20 July 2022
Samsung hasn't announced the new Z Flip4 and Z Fold4, nor the new watches and buds, but the reservation process is simple and doesn't require a downpayment.

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I thought about getting a Flip 4 and then I realized I don't need it. It's great that the battery life will be much more improved. Perhaps as high as 15% which adds 90 minutes of SOT. But I carry two phones any way.

Two phones at 100% is still better than one phone at 100%. Technically, I only have my Flip 3 charged up to 85%. With 185% from a combined 5100 mAh (2800 + 3300), both my Razr 5G and Flip 3 are only at 40%-50% when I reach home.

Carrying two smaller phones is more efficient than having one large phone or a dual screen phone. I honestly can use the Flip 3 until it breaks. Maybe that happens within 5 years? We'll just wait and see.

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    • Anonymous
    • rKX
    • 20 Jul 2022

    How desperate are you ?

    Samsung: Yes

      I knew a store two years ago where at every appliance purchase, they were offering a galaxy z flip/fold, for FREE! And people still refused to accept the offer.

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        • DMX
        • 8xX
        • 20 Jul 2022

        Heavens, in samsuing they are desperate to sell hehehe

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          • AnonD-731363
          • SH3
          • 20 Jul 2022

          If only the inner screen durability was more than Mohs scale 1 equal to chalk.
          And the battery must be a lot bigger having tablet with a endurance of a Posh Equal S700
          aint good at all.