Leaked screenshots reveal new features in MIUI 14

25 July 2022
Rumor has it that there will be no MIUI 13.5, instead Xiaomi wants to go directly from v13 to v14.

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  • Meow
  • bxd
  • 02 Dec 2022

This is the reason why i use ADB commandline to remove all mi software is full of useless features!! And Miui13 is soo terrible that users that uses unsecure apps need to wait 10 full second just to allow thru an unsecure app. None of the phone manufacturer out there does it! is just plain nuisance and agony on Miui13 OS.

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    • Seam Ali
    • XTW
    • 03 Aug 2022

    Hasan, 30 Jul 2022My Poco x3 got android 12 with miui 13.04.0 in march. I jus... moreWhat?? Howwww?? Please tell

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      • Hasan
      • uZH
      • 30 Jul 2022

      Tonberry, 25 Jul 2022Me and my POCO X3 Pro are still waiting for MIUI 13 :( the ... moreMy Poco x3 got android 12 with miui 13.04.0 in march. I just got 13.05.0 as well with the July security patch last week. Do you have a global version or Indian version? You can download the global version manually and update it

        Too much bugs and not user friendly when reinstalling the OS

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          • James
          • K1J
          • 29 Jul 2022

          If you ask me, I hardly ever paid attention to what MIUI has to offer. I only pay attention to bugs, which takes Xiaomi forever to fix. I am hoping to see MIUI 14 as a bug fixer, not bug adder, which means bug fixer is the only feature I am looking forward to.

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            • perdolo4
            • 39y
            • 27 Jul 2022

            Meh, all these frequent updates are very annoying and pretty much useless. Usually there are more bugs and it decreases phone storage space. Xiaomi loves resetting all your restrictions to their bloatware and enabling them with even less customer control. Security updates- yes! But no to bloatware! There is also a problem that there is no way to opt out and just stay with current release. Not impressed.

              Theres nothing to be excited about MIUI 14 will look the same as MIUI 13. The screen shots you see are for Chinese ROM not global. MIUI 13 global has no widgets basically its the same as MIUI 12.5, this OS is a Joke they take too long to release stable updates.

                anik.ove, 26 Jul 2022still waiting features to arrived that was promised miui 12... moreSadly those features wont come they only release them in a Chinese ROM not global

                  Best, 25 Jul 2022Miui is the worst thing to ever happened to Android Nope when OnePlus exists. They don't even care abt their 1 y/o flagship anymore

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                    • jeams
                    • 613
                    • 26 Jul 2022

                    don't care much about miui version update.. just waiting when is release A12 kernel sources

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                      • Anonymous
                      • uJA
                      • 26 Jul 2022

                      Tigolebitties, 25 Jul 2022MIUI's been performing pretty well, given by how even ... morecan't say much, happy with MIUI 13 on my Mi note 10 on a mid 730G chip. Still pretty smooth even after 2 years

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                        • uJA
                        • 26 Jul 2022

                        FatShady, 25 Jul 2022is this the miui 14 for flagships/upper midrange or everyth... moreAndroid updates are what it used to be, most of the changes after are very little and towards performance rather than features.

                          MIUI 14 before 13 is even stable enough?
                          "MIUI 14 will also have improved Anti-fraud protection" Always gets me when Xiaomi of all claim they will protect our data of any sort.

                          -Xiaomi user 2017-present

                            FatShady, 25 Jul 2022is this the miui 14 for flagships/upper midrange or everyth... morebare Andriod 12 is more better then any skin on it.

                            but if you have andriod 12 with any skin like miui 11/12/13 or color os & so on... they do bring new features but the spark of andriod 12 is lost.

                            Notification shade, battery support, privacy dashboard, monent theme engine all this are superb. (smooth energe saving, looks modem and mush lovely to use)

                            i've poco f1 phone, on which i am using custom rom andriod 12 designed/made by ricedriod.

                            battery last nowhere around 9 hours easily and has access of magisk + addition customizing features which enchance the exprience.

                            if this people apply a skin on andriod rom then instead of releasing a new verison of the skin each year they should make skin more stable + add some features like network traffic indicator, long & partial screenshot, select & ram details on recent screen, locking app on recent to aviod current session, clone app & so other useful features + make make it efficient enough & should work smoothly on any device. [this should work for any OEM]

                            but however, sadly its a trend of adding new version in the name of improves but it becomes more unstable, less reliable & so no...... + they are spending so much money on developing the same unstable andriod skin and remove basic phone features like 3.5 audio jack, sd card support & blah blah....

                            action, Legal authorities should force OEM to make software more stable, to keep all basic phone requirements + software feature available on all phones and use a standard protocol for using 2-3 chipset only for each sgment (like for mid rage snapdragon 778,665, mediatech dimensity, 920, 720, etc etc) for flagship latest chipset & for flagship killer last year flagship or the latest chipset depending on OEM.

                            if this happens, it can be perfect way to do competition for OEMs and a best and easy way for customers to choose between OEMs on the basis of the software stablity, smartphone quality, service support and so on.

                            Imagine, if this happens how geat OEMs will work on their software & phone to become a great competitor for each other + this is reduce of all unecessarily & unwanted phone production, increase in long support of tech service in case of part replacement or something, saving or reducing in the usage of material used on unwanted/unecessairly phone & its component.

                            + OEMs should forced to take back the old phone whether its dmaaged or not and use old phone materials to recycle & reuse on new phone or on budget phones, mid range phone, earphones, charger etc etc.... and the same charger earphones, tws, etc can be recycle atleast to some extend.... which is eliminate usage of waste, materials, keep our envinourment

                            this all also explains that ap_ple, sa_s_ng, noth_ng OEMs what all they are saying that they are saving earth by making less use of usages (by removing charger brikc n all) are just fake, they just wanna earn money and nothing else -_-

                            i hope EU authorities and all other authorities look into this & take some action and save earth and bring some actual competition in the market for consumers.


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                              • anik.ove
                              • tEf
                              • 26 Jul 2022

                              still waiting features to arrived that was promised miui 12 & 12.5 enhanced. all is advertisement

                                I don't care about MIUI but its updates bring new firmware for custom ROMs so need to have updates.

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                                  • YPe
                                  • 26 Jul 2022

                                  sujoy bera, 25 Jul 2022please stop this ios copy miui If you think it's copying then don't use Xiaomi phones

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                                    • AnonD-1046991
                                    • wvL
                                    • 26 Jul 2022

                                    Anonymous, 25 Jul 2022Am I the only one who thinks they should just make miui 13.... morePredictable comment including Android 14 but to be annouced this time

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                                      • t7I
                                      • 26 Jul 2022

                                      Best, 25 Jul 2022Miui is the worst thing to ever happened to Android Yes ditto on this it's so consistent you want to throw your phone like a brick

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                                        • t7I
                                        • 26 Jul 2022

                                        Fix your software first even in your early days vs cyanogen rom your rom is full of bugs pity the hardware that's comes with your phone it's so unoptimized...buying your phone is the worst decision in my all loyal android life...