Samsung celebrates the first shipment of 3nm Gate-All-Around chips

25 July 2022
The GAA design is smaller and more efficient than the current FinFET chips.

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Its funny they can't manufacture Exnos chips with efficient 3 or 4nm

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    • Brandon
    • StU
    • 29 Jul 2022

    Anonymous, 26 Jul 2022Nah... those "nanometer" is now more like marketi... moreI can't tell if you're trolling or just talking about things you don't understand. It's the transistor size so it's always going to make a difference. A 7nm chip with the same number of transistors as a 10nm chip will be more power efficient and produce less heat. However transistor count always increases so power and heat could remain similar with performance increasing but that part comes down to chip design.
    Barring extra transistors performance could also be improved by utilising the extra free space for more cache

      yalim, 26 Jul 2022is this supposed to be s23's chipset?No

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        • Klaus shwab
        • k34
        • 26 Jul 2022

        Its cool ,that phone i want on 3nm chip

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          • yalim
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          • 26 Jul 2022

          is this supposed to be s23's chipset?

            Anonymous, 26 Jul 2022But still overheats & runs like crap. 🤣🤣🤣TSMC will also use GAA tech in their 2nm chips and thats tech developed by samsung back in 2000s. i see many people like you who trolling something where there is no real product in market or not even held the device when its available.

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              • wr4
              • 26 Jul 2022

              Vegetaholic, 25 Jul 2022Downsides are that we getting closer to 1nm and soon we wil... moreNah... those "nanometer" is now more like marketing jargon, intel "10nm" node is actually close to TSMC "7nm" in terms of actual density...

                Anonymous, 25 Jul 2022Samsungs exynos chips in the low end (exynos 850), mid (128... moreI keep hearing about Exynos chips being bad, but I always see Snapdragon chips with featured disabled. How many ship with SA 5G on for all the bands that could support it? Not many.

                  Vegetaholic, 25 Jul 2022Downsides are that we getting closer to 1nm and soon we wil... moreThe 'nm' process is a relative density, not the size of the transistors, so it starting being a marketing metric years ago. Improved manufacturing accuracy means closer spacing and more stacking. It looks like the 7 nm process still has 60+ nm transistors and 20+ nm features, but they're packed as densely as if older chips had their transistors scaled to 7 nm.

                    you have to suffer, 25 Jul 2022they will make these 3nm chips for their next s23 ultra exy... moreThey won't be ready for S23

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                      • th1
                      • 26 Jul 2022

                      But still overheats & runs like crap. 🤣🤣🤣

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                        • student
                        • C@V
                        • 26 Jul 2022

                        using Samsung 13 exynos 850 for daily - no issue at all.
                        Good camera and Smooth browsing.

                        bcuz student usually have iPad/W11 to learn and work productively.
                        more ppl buy Samsung 13 than iPhone 13 @ the University.

                          I don't understand this ridiculous infatuation with Snapdragon and TSMC.

                          I imported my S22 Ultra just to get Snapdragon, because Exynos is trash. But when it comes to overheating Snapdragon and A15 are even worse, even the TSMC Snapdragon.

                          A 1% better manufactoring process can't make up for all that heat. Those X cores need active cooling solutions.

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                            • looool
                            • L68
                            • 25 Jul 2022

                            Vegetaholic, 25 Jul 2022Downsides are that we getting closer to 1nm and soon we wil... more;.) :-):-)

                              Anonymous, 25 Jul 2022Sounds too good to be true. What are the downsides?Downsides are that we getting closer to 1nm and soon we will stop calling things nanometers and move to picometer tech and it will start all over again. 500 pico meters, 400, 300, 200 and so on :)

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                                • Anonymous
                                • mx}
                                • 25 Jul 2022

                                Samsungs exynos chips in the low end (exynos 850), mid (1280) and flagship segments are generally the worst you can get. Exynos 2200, overheats and throttles while not being as efficient as the snapdragon 8+ 1 or mediatek with dimensity 9xxx. They failed with the partnership with AMD as well, that SoC should of been destroying any other SoC specially in gaming and GPU performance, Samsung messed up.

                                The tensor in the new pixels is Samsung, literally real world performance is on par with 2019/2020 phones not 2022, overheating, un optimised mess with constant hardware and software issues. I traded my pixel 6 pro in because just non stop problems from WiFi, Bluetooth, people not hearing me on calls, to running it's X core non stop to have decent performance, terrible battery and always warm. Strike 2 for Samsung.

                                Nvidia 30 series GPUs, on Samsung's 8nm fab and they are hot, awfully inefficient GPUs specially mid to high end (3090 pulling about 500w of power while hitting over 100c on parts of it, mate owns one and it seems to be a re occuring issue for others too)

                                TSMC finally sorted out the 8 gen 1 SoC and made it properly useable and more efficient and cooler with the 8+ 1... Well it's actually the best non apple silicon you can get in a phone now. The 8 gen 1 was Samsung and it's barely any better than the 888, because of the throttling it's basically an 888 and most phones have pretty poor battery because of it(this not remind people of when the snapdragon 808 with 6 cores out performed the 810 with 8 because of terrible heat and efficiency, maybe Samsung is taking inspiration from that).

                                Samsung need to take their heads out their backsides, stop thinking everything they make is sunshine and roses and stop spending all their resources on insane levels of advertising to convince people to buy their products (forgot the term, businesses use the psychological advtersing to convince people to buy their product sub consciously and Apple n Samsung are the leaders in it).


                                    I just find it odd Samsung would rather use Qualcomm chips while Google wants to use Samsung chips.

                                    That's where Google lost me as a Pixel owner. Say no to Mali GPU especially once the emulation scene moves to more advanced hardware.

                                    At least Nothing is still using Qualcomm. Google are suckers to Samsung's SoCs. Like Samsung is telling Google, "Go use our chips while we use someone else's. Suckers!"

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • mx}
                                      • 25 Jul 2022

                                      you have to suffer, 25 Jul 2022they will make these 3nm chips for their next s23 ultra exy... moreThey helped manufacture the snapdragon 8 gen 1, TSMC did Snapdragon 8+ 1, which is better in every conceivable way and the best non apple silicon you can currently get in a phone. Samsung also helped manufacture the tensor SoC with the titan security co processor... the worst SoC in a flagship device since the snapdragon 810 and the worst co processor on the market that again run way too hot and inefficient.

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                                        • Valerian
                                        • n5D
                                        • 25 Jul 2022

                                        And what's the yeld? Below 1%? 😁