OnePlus explains why the 10T is missing the alert slider while its full specs leak

25 July 2022
Official images are also going out.

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  • X{W
  • 28 Jul 2022

Every Single New OnePlus Device leaving its Most Important features. Now Its No More "Never Settle" but with too many Bugs

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    • vxM
    • 27 Jul 2022

    I wish OP 10T's main camera will be better than 10 Pro one. Still can't explain why my old OP 8 Pro takes better photos than 9 Pro and 10 Pro.

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      • vxM
      • 27 Jul 2022

      Tondern, 27 Jul 2022Oneplus real explanation: We lost our identity so the alert... moreIt was a direct copy from iPhone, pretty much useless one anyway. No big deal.

        Oneplus real explanation: We lost our identity so the alert slider must also go.

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          • Ahmed
          • akk
          • 27 Jul 2022

          I will never buy a Oneplus phone without the alert slider. The most 2 valued aspects (for me) in Oneplus phones are 1) software experience, and 2) alert slider. Hope Oneplus 11 will bring the slider back!

            The Android Freak, 27 Jul 2022Who is at number three then?This question makes no sense. I suggest you read what was said before jumping in

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              • Beekay
              • vGc
              • 27 Jul 2022

              One plus should again restore the premium design which 6T had.Premium look with a glass back and an,alert slider which is so user friendly. Charging a little fast doesn't really make a difference.

                removing something you need to add something you don't need

                  Dejavu, 26 Jul 2022We can understand OPPO wants to completely kill OP and get ... moreIf they lower their price and focus on software, they will be back in bang. This phone should have been at 450USD for 128, but this is at 600 and this doesn't make sense. I am okay with 2 years of major Android updates.

                    blue, 26 Jul 2022The headphone jack and microSD slot reach very deep into th... moreExactly. For flagships 5000 battery and 30-50Watt charging is must(Samsung pay attention, bring 45Watt charger in the box, atleast). Also 256GB is basic standard for phones above 500USD. Don't bring shitty 128GB. 256GB/512GB/1TB is must these days.

                      RealLifePhones, 26 Jul 2022The alert slider is gone because the OnePlus 10T is just a ... moreReno 8 Pro doesn't have OIS and EIS. Reno also has Dimensity 8100 Max.

                        Anders, 26 Jul 2022Your individual preference isn't really much of a coun... moreWho is at number three then?

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                          • qGv
                          • 26 Jul 2022

                          Anonymous, 26 Jul 2022wait till Apple removes the power button, the other idiots ... more😂

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                            • pig
                            • 26 Jul 2022

                            How, 26 Jul 2022I don't understand. OP9 used ultra wide camera to doub... more100% agree with you. Why they changed Sony uw sensor 1.1/56 to garbage 1.2/76 Samsung sensor! Op is dying day by day.

                              Shadocx, 26 Jul 2022Bold of you to assume no one buys OnePlus, my ranking goes:... moreYour individual preference isn't really much of a counterargument. And even in your list you only rank OnePlus 3rd. The reality is their sales are going down. They've reduced operations in Europe because of this. If you can find sales figures putting OnePlus in the top 5 manufacturers I'd be happy to admit I'm wrong about them being a dead brand

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                                • Ravi
                                • Fvc
                                • 26 Jul 2022

                                dumb decision i believe, a premium user would want all the good features in one, rather than a compromise, its just not a valid justified reason

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                                  • Iroam
                                  • NfJ
                                  • 26 Jul 2022

                                  This company should now be called One Minus

                                    The alert slider is gone because the OnePlus 10T is just a rebranded Reno8 Pro..

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                                      • wojtek
                                      • 3Lr
                                      • 26 Jul 2022

                                      tbh, at the begining (ages ago with OP3) i found alert slider useful... but then I went with constant DND mode with only permission to have calls from starred contacts so I haven't been using alert slider in ages. Same goes for SD card - it just simpler to have bigger phone with internal storage.

                                      But the problem with OP is that they stopped producing flagship killers (specs are just "meh") and to boot - they are waaaaay overpriced...

                                        "high wattage charging, a large battery capacity, and better antenna signal".

                                        BS, more BS, even more BS.