Motorola Edge X30 Pro will unsurprisingly be more expensive than the Edge X30

25 July 2022
The 200 MP camera and newer chipset definitely contributed to the delta.

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  • UNKNOWN soldier
  • Lcg
  • 02 Aug 2022

The more I look at Motorola phones the more I like it they're growing growing and growing..
Step buy step I mean that's a petty amazing looking phone

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    • Du2
    • 01 Aug 2022

    Can't call it Ultra without wireless charging!

      This will be the second phone with a good SoC and an under display camera.

        Finally underdisplay selfie camera?

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          • Leo16
          • amU
          • 28 Jul 2022

          Other sources are saying that the battery is 5000 mah

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            • ziedonis
            • m2x
            • 28 Jul 2022

            Battery capacity is 4.5Ah
            Charging current 31A
            Charging speed 7C
            Amazing how the battery doesn't explode!

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              • B52
              • gLC
              • 28 Jul 2022

              Climbers would ditch Mount Everest for that camera bump lol

                DMX, 26 Jul 2022anxious? you're a girl?Eager >< Anxious

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                  • x0k
                  • 27 Jul 2022

                  That camera bump protrudes like a centimeter LOL.
                  Still kinda want one

                    Acorns, 26 Jul 2022Totally agree! Battery life beats faster charging every tim... moreFlagships not coming with 4000 battery anymore. 4500 is minimum on flagships. S22+ is giving good 5-6 hours of SOT with it. S22 is trash with battery capacity and hence trash battery life. At the most 3.45 hours of battery life.

                      Anonymous, 26 Jul 2022If this launches in India @50,000 INR without bank offers t... more65K in India without bank offers for sure.

                        That camera design 😕😕😕

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                          • 7k0
                          • 26 Jul 2022

                          If this launches in India @50,000 INR without bank offers then it'll be totally worth it!

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                            • uI7
                            • 26 Jul 2022

                            Mobilemaster, 26 Jul 2022If somehow this can be justified with amazing photo quality... moreIt will not be bad like after all it is 200mp camera it could look like the Samsung'

                              Dan, 26 Jul 2022The camera bump is a joke? From the picture it looks its ab... moreIf somehow this can be justified with amazing photo quality I think it is worth it. We will see how good or how bad will be.

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                                • coyz
                                • wYC
                                • 26 Jul 2022

                                I prefer big battery than fast charging. Not to mention the 3.5 jack and sd card.

                                  serpen, 26 Jul 20224500mah battery? For less than 5000mah. battery I dont care... moreTotally agree! Battery life beats faster charging every time in my book. I'd take 30-60 watt charging with 5000+mah battery Evey time over 4000-4,500mah with 120-200 watt charging. Not everyone spends all day next to a wall socket to take advantage of insane charging speeds but EVERYONE benefits from having a phone that you know will not die before you get home at night. Total turn off when you get to battery capacity and it says 4.....mah. All the fancy features are no good if your phone's dead and after getting used to having a phone with 5120mah battery with 33watt charging (takes 1 hour to fully charge) I don't want to go back to having battery anxiety or having to carry a portable charger around again.

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                                    • Dan
                                    • pI0
                                    • 26 Jul 2022

                                    The camera bump is a joke? From the picture it looks its about the same thickness as the phone itself..

                                      It seems the phone has an under display selfie camera. I hope it works much better than the one on the ZTE Axon flagship.
                                      About the price, I am not surprised it will cost more money.

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                                        • uI7
                                        • 26 Jul 2022

                                        StealthRequiem, 26 Jul 2022I bet it doesn't have a headphone jack No phone even have any headphone jack (not including Xperia v) only budget phone have it (few of them?