New official looking Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 renders surface showing all colors

26 July 2022
The launch is closer and closer by the day.

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  • J
  • Jack Lumber
  • L1q
  • 27 Jul 2022

Instead of re-releasing the z-flops, samsung should focus more on improving the A-series. The chipsets on A53 and A73 are a disappointment for the price. Or atleast give us A93 with sd 888+ or 8+gen1.

    After watching ColdFusion's recent video about dumb phone and finding out Selena Gomez hasn't used the Internet in 4.5 years, I think my Razr 5G will be the last smartphone I'll ever buy. Once my iPhone 12 mini and Razr 5G are completely paid off next year, I'm getting a T-Mobile prepaid that's only $10 monthly. I'm currently paying $100.

    Smartphones are just a scam. They can also do more harm than good without moderation. Repeat buying a new phone every year. Going back to the days circa 2004-2007 when I didn't own a smartphone and my mind was more aware, clearer, and happier. Need to break away from the Internet addiction.

    Even the recent Samsung ads has people staring at their phones at the dinner table or the Lawrence brothers just staring at a phone display on their couch. Joey had to convince Danny and Matt Lawrence to dance. Whoa!

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • L%J
      • 27 Jul 2022

      Imagine the baterry life. Or lack thereof.

        • D
        • AnonD-546724
        • pZ5
        • 27 Jul 2022

        This is legit the same device as last year

          Don't tell me it's the same sensor from the 1st gen z flip 🤦

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • t7X
            • 27 Jul 2022

            iPhone 13 looks the same as the previous one...LOL this one doesn' it? Is it?

              • S
              • Shalemia
              • pXC
              • 27 Jul 2022

              So almost the same looks as last year, they only change internals.