Nothing Phone (1) drop test: the front is tougher than the back

01 August 2022
The phone has Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back and an aluminum frame in the middle.

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  • 01 Aug 2022

Omg, it breaks. And I thought it would be indestructible. Lol.
Seriously, what do people expect from this drop tests? How many times can I drop my phone until it breaks or what?
All phones break, period. Even plastic ones.
You want a phone that doesn’t break, or you are Michael Grylls (lol), then get a Blackview phone or something.
Not trying to excuse this phone or other phones, but if you know you’re clumsy, get a case with shock protection and good protective glass. Case closed (pun intended).
Never use your phone without any sort of protection. Is the same like s*x. Minimise the risk.

    So if you accidentally drop it,meaning fall out your pocket purse or ect ect then just hope gravity turns on its front😱, just saying like 👈

      Wow so strong! Must be a "tough" sell too 😏

        Because the back is nothing but a gimmick!

          can't wait for the shredder test. it would be so epic!!!

            glass is glass, no matter what bullshit they keep telling us...