Rumor: the Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a 200MP sensor with 0.6µm pixels, 5,000mAh battery

04 August 2022
That's the same battery capacity as the S22 Ultra. Similarly, the new 200MP image sensor may be the same size as the current 108MP sensor.

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  • Ib5
  • 14 Sep 2022

UNKNOWN soldier , 26 Aug 2022no more for me iphone no samsung no nothing sony... moreHi, I just want some feedback from you before getting a Sony phone. With that said, what Sony phone are you using right now? I heard Sony phones get hot very quickly and it been an on going issue, is it truth?

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    • supafly99
    • pVE
    • 10 Sep 2022

    The S23 will be my next Phone.I still have the The S10+ with 500 gb storage-This phone is soon 4 Years old but runs like the first day.The Camera still makes fantastic Photos.The only reason i buy the S23 ultra is the screen size and Battery.I dont understand why people want sd card slot.

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      • Mikey who is right
      • y2e
      • 08 Sep 2022

      That is a dope A render tho!

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        • UNKNOWN soldier
        • Lcg
        • 26 Aug 2022

        no more for me iphone no samsung no nothing is the answer

        sd card
        super cameras
        4k screen
        design not 2 big or small

        sony are the only brand who offers everything ;-)


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          • Sapa
          • Nu6
          • 18 Aug 2022

          Anonymous, 14 Aug 2022They try and try… but can’t beat the iPhone Oga iPhone is nothing...
          iPhone camera is just software tweaked just like Snapchat..
          iPhone is nothing.
          Do your research

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            • Anonymous
            • mIm
            • 14 Aug 2022

            They try and try… but can’t beat the iPhone

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              • Jason
              • 42J
              • 13 Aug 2022

              wen need 20X Optical zoom in 2023-2024 and minimum 7500 mAh with 75W Charger and 1.0 TB Space + Snap Dragon! ( not exynos ) . we will pay more money for Ultra Version so we need More Special and Smart Technology

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                • Sin
                • 0Fj
                • 13 Aug 2022

                Stefan, 06 Aug 2022The room is so big because the size is designed for design,... moreSamsung just needs make the phone a little thicker for 9000mah battery And camera needs fit inside the build also

                But unfortunately Samsung phone are fashion over function and screen hole punch:(

                Samsung phones are unbelievable and unbalanced
                There dead set the camera but there performance is poor for a flagship phone

                Samsung needs add more ram too there's phones 16gb ram and better cooling system and Snapdragon processor

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                  • Anonymous
                  • swC
                  • 10 Aug 2022

                  Chris, 08 Aug 2022on clear beautiful moonlit nights, i tried to snap the quar... moreDon't hand hold the phone, use a tripod or prop it up somehow, and use the timer so you don't need to touch the phone.
                  Any movement will be magnified when using the full zoom.

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                    • Chris
                    • tVr
                    • 08 Aug 2022

                    on clear beautiful moonlit nights, i tried to snap the quarter, half or full moon. however, the resulting photographsof the moon are poor, blurry and poor definition. can anyone help or advise on how to snap a beautiful and clear photograph of the moon? thanks

                      JasonX, 06 Aug 2022Id say import mi 11 ultra or mi mix 4 up to you*MIX 4...It wasn't a mi mix...thru dropped it after mi mix 3

                        Anonymous, 06 Aug 2022They do because in my drawer there is an old phone with an... more"They do because in my drawer there is an old phone with android 4.2"
                        Yet it can't even run Chrome.. huh.

                          If it can't take pictures of moving subjects(e.g. toddlers)mostly blurry free, I personally don't care about all this other spec fluff.

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                            • vGN
                            • 07 Aug 2022

                            Anonymous, 06 Aug 2022Yep, I had a fast-charging Xiaomi until my current P6P and ... moreVery suprised at that. Batteries of fast charging (65W and up) phones generally perform well upto 3 years. And now, phone makers are promising increased battery life (1600 cycles vs the old norm of 800 cycles) even with fast charging.

                            At any rate, these batteries are cheap to replace.

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                              • Stefan
                              • srr
                              • 06 Aug 2022

                              Sin, 06 Aug 2022I just don't see the point of the camera being so big ... moreThe room is so big because the size is designed for design, that is, to stand out. I can't understand why they would put a 5000 mah battery on this model as well. I say this, as the past models S21 Ultra and S20 Ultra, but also the current model S22 ultra, have the same capacity.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Lkg
                                • 06 Aug 2022

                                Nick Tegrataker, 06 Aug 2022I doubt any SNS or browser apps work on Jellybean.They do because in my drawer there is an old phone with android 4.2.
                                Galaxy S5 (2014) can run more apps than iphone 6 (2014), despite stuck on android 6.0.

                                Ppl update iphones/ipad because they have no choice.
                                You are forced to update to keep using apps, at risk of bad updates and bugs.
                                You cant keep using the out of factory version much long.

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                                  • Sin
                                  • 0Fj
                                  • 06 Aug 2022

                                  I just don't see the point of the camera being so big the phone can't even lay flat anymore
                                  Like last years Samsung galaxy phones

                                  Why so focused on 200mp camera
                                  If Samsung too improve the camera fix the screen and camera on the front
                                  Maybe a 100mp camera front and back would benefit normal person more and be more balanced

                                  If the screen really has too full the phone make a pop up camera
                                  I think a oled 4 screen would be better for a flagship

                                  The improvement Samsung really should make and it be ready cheap too make is a 9000mah battery
                                  Massive battery capacity can easily be done on a smartphone

                                  The other upgrade that help in the real world that Samsung don't do is
                                  Good quality storage SSD storage with high endurance ratings and faster speeds

                                  For example a 500gb SSD with 500gb ufs storage
                                  Phone os boot of SSD and have ufs storage for apps games etc with the SSD a option for games

                                  I also am in favour of Samsung giving people back there as card slots and changers

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Ibx
                                    • 06 Aug 2022

                                    Anonymous, 06 Aug 2022Nothing but gimmick hyped upgraded marketing spin, forget itif you look at saaayy the mi note 10 pics an the galaxy s22 ultra pics.. the mi note 10 has more actual detail... even gsm arena says it in their review.... so the 27mp mi note 10 is better DETAIL wise than the new stuff.. likewise the 10 pro the 10t pro the mix fold an mix 4 all have 25mp cams an take better detailed pics than the mi 11 ultra... gsm arena proved it..... the balcony scene alone you can see the holes CLEARLY with the 25mp xiaomis.... big nope on the 11 ultra s22 ultra 12s ultra an all iphones... blotchy mess they take.... again... proven by gsm arena

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • uJy
                                      • 06 Aug 2022

                                      Nothing but gimmick hyped upgraded marketing spin, forget it

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                                        • Sjt
                                        • 06 Aug 2022

                                        Anonymous, 05 Aug 2022Hey which phone u recommend at 600-700 Euros? Id say import mi 11 ultra or mi mix 4 up to you