OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G now getting stable OxygenOS 12

05 August 2022
The first beta came out in mid-July. The phone launched early this year with Android 11 and is set to receive one more major update.

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  • Vicky PAtil
  • CbE
  • 19 Feb 2023

LoneOwl, 05 Aug 2022Thats a new low for one plus. Releasing a phone in Febr... moreMy not update 13

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    • Dunce
    • rJ7
    • 17 Oct 2022

    After Android 12 update, my phone is freezing and re-booting, after every 5-10 minutes and the UI looks like OPPO phones

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      • Ash Ra
      • mtk
      • 16 Oct 2022

      Now the photo level is useless, it only works horizontally - you can't tell when you're taking a straight picture, perfectly perpendicular to the subject.
      The option to find the parked car has also disappeared. So quite disappointed

        • M
        • Maryam
        • PDT
        • 12 Aug 2022

        I used to love my mbil.. But after that update all things messed up as hell. So disappointed with this update.. I like that hidden space feature but now i can't get notifications of hiden apps this is so irritating..

          • L
          • Laxman vari
          • f}D
          • 10 Aug 2022

          Am not able to use OnePlus dialer can u help me

            My only problem is the HDR Feature is gone. Please fix it to next software update OnePlus.

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              • Ok
              • aXg
              • 05 Aug 2022

              Remember when Oneplus was one of the best android phone makers from the update side of things and only just behind google and now they are as bad as Realme which even gives faster android updates. Really sad tbh. Let’s hope nothing won’t end up like Oneplus

                Aadrian , 05 Aug 2022The article says it's getting one more major update af... moreThats what i wrote. The phone released in Feb 2022 with Android 11 instead of 12 as it should.

                As a result, it will basically only get 1 new major update next year(android 13)instead of 12 like most other mid rangers.
                Not to mention Samsungs A53. Released with android 12 this year and it will be supported till Android 16.

                F Oneplus, seriously.

                  Got Android 12 update for Nord CE 2 5G, last week. The UI has become dull. The UI is more like Color OS now. Lost the HDR capability with the Android 12 update.

                  Already got a patch, a few days back. But, it did not resolve the HDR issue.

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                    • Aadrian
                    • 3Ta
                    • 05 Aug 2022

                    LoneOwl, 05 Aug 2022Thats a new low for one plus. Releasing a phone in Febr... moreThe article says it's getting one more major update after this one, so this is 12, and it will get 13 too, what I understand from it.

                      Thats a new low for one plus.

                      Releasing a phone in February with 1 android version behind only to get the latest update 6 months later and as a result this phone actually will get only 1 new android update.

                      What the hell is going on in this company...