Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4 Unpacked: what to expect

09 August 2022
All the rumored details for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4, plus the three Galaxy Watch5 models and the Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

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Since the Snapdragon processor does slightly better Computational Photography than Exynos, that alone could help improve image quality. Especially texture and detail. Samsung could use this opportunity for further improving low light and zoom.

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    • StU
    • 10 Aug 2022

    The biggest drawbacks of the Flip 4 are going to be the battery life and cameras. Samsung screens/phones absolutely rinse battery life in my experience. I don't even understand how Samsung do it.

      Really just more of the same. We can't blame Samsung though. They dictate the foldable market since their competitors are still playing catch-up. And the designs of the Fold/Flip 3 series were really very good to begin with. So you can't expect them to drastically change the design every year. Even automobile manufacturers don't do this. They don't really drastically change the design until after 5 years.

        AnonD-546724, 09 Aug 2022What to expect is the most iPhonish upgrade in the history ... morethat's good way thats why they own 74% of fordable phones i'm glad they maintain

          AJ, 09 Aug 2022Bluetooth v5.3? Who has that? Or is it just a typo?Its a thing

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            • 09 Aug 2022

            To expect? Same boring phone with square screen (!?!?) With even bigger black lines up and down and waste of screen estate. Maybe a punch hole inside instead of that facepalm

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              • 09 Aug 2022

              What to expect is the most iPhonish upgrade in the history of the Fold (Flip as well).

              Z line = Exciting & innovative EVERY YEAR
              S line = Risk-free & Conservative

              It seems the Z in getting the S treatment.
              Nothing new since the Fold 2 really.

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                • 09 Aug 2022

                Bluetooth v5.3? Who has that? Or is it just a typo?