Watch the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event live

10 August 2022
Samsung is expected to unveil new foldable smartphones, smartwatches, and TWS earphones at the event.

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  • 11 Aug 2022

I can't wait until these events can be generated by AI so that they are more natural, human, and less shit.

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    • 10 Aug 2022


      Motorola undercutting the Flip 4 by $100-$150 was a smart move a day before Razr 2022 gets announced. Reminds me of Sony in 1995 saying $299 in E3 right after Sega Saturn's announcement and surprise early launch in May 1995 at $399. Samsung might now be forced to price match.

      I'm picking the Razr line moving forward. That's if it hangs around long enough. Yeah, Motorola's update policy is terrible. But I really don't care for updates but I can understand many people do. I actually hope my Razr 5G stays on Android 11 forever and it seems like it. I think Android 12 looks hideous and don't want more issues.

      Flip 3 has been very good to me. But 1.9" is just too small to see anything. I've used SamSprung since the day of its release. A lot of limitations comes from the size of the cover display. And I hate that I need Bixby to unlock it to keep my security turned on. Bixby needs an Internet connection.

      With Razr 5G, it's definitely more flawed. More issues. My Flip 3 will age better thanks to the superior hardware. But I don't need to use a voice assistant to unlock it using the cover display. I can reply from the cover display if I use the default keyboard. The whole purpose for a cover display is to NOT keep opening the flip phone.

      Flip 3 & 4 will force you to keep opening it since that cover display is still too small. I'm also just not a huge fan of Samsung's oversaturated displays. Not even since 2011 using a Focus (WP7). Had my Razr 5G had the same specs as the Flip 5G, I wouldn't have got the Flip 3.

      I still prefer the inferior Razr 5G over a Flip 3 because of its superior design and more useful cover display. That's the first time that's happened with phones for me that I prefer inferior internal specs. Not since Dreamcast and PS2 did I prefer inferior hardware. DC & PS2 > GCN & Xbox.

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        • 10 Aug 2022

        Nothing better to do in this heat, I wonder if they show anything we didn’t know about.