Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro unveiled with 24-bit Hi-Fi sound and ANC

10 August 2022
They are advertised to offer up to 29 hours of total playback.

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  • 03 Sep 2022

Samsung is claiming their new Samsung Seamless Hifi codec (which only the buds2 pro, and only on Samsung phones) is capable of 2.3 mbit.

    Bandetto, 12 Aug 2022Sorry but why are people raving about this? This is old tec... moreNobody's late to any game, it's all marketing nonsense that consumers (like yourself) don't understand. 24-bit audio is not possible through any of the wireless codecs you mentioned in the same capacity that it is on a wired set. There's absolutely no discernable benefit because it's transmitted through a lossy and compressed signal. This negates any potential benefit, as a result making it merely a marketing point for gullible comsumers. I shouldn't have to point out either that there are different codecs that exist from what you may be used to seeing on Sony products. Samsung uses its own SSC codec, which is their equivalent to aptX HD. Thereby, why support it if they believe they can do it better themselves? Even a standard 16-bit/44.1kHz audio stream requires 1411kbps of bandwidth at full quality. A 24-bit/48kHz audio stream (which is what these codecs claim to support) requires 2,304kbps of bandwidth to be transmitted losslessly and preserve any actual benefit. aptX HD is only 25% of the tracks original quality, and even LDAC is only 43%.

      Anonymous, 12 Aug 2022bluetoth 24bit aptx you are wrong It carries the signal over a lossy and compressed codec, thereby defeating the purpose. A lossless 16-bit/44.1kHz stream has a maximum bandwidth of 1411kbps. aptX HD playing back a lossy and compressed 24-bit/48kHz stream has a maximum bandwidth of 576kbps, which is only 1/4th of what it should be (2,304kbps). aptX Adaptive is capable of even less, with a 420kbps maximum bandwidth. LDAC faces the same issue, with a maximum bandwidth of only 990kbps. There's simply too much missing information to justify the marketing. With a compressed waveform, it also shrinks the dynamic range you'd otherwise be benefitting from with 24-bit audio. What you're getting in reality is less than a standard CD-quality stream. Until aptX Lossless releases, it's all marketing nonsense with everything else.

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        • 12 Aug 2022

        Bandetto, 12 Aug 2022Sorry but why are people raving about this? This is old tec... moreSamsung, like Apple, is trying to create proprietary audio systems. Perhaps for the good of the universe, but more likely for their own benefit. It's atrocious, and I sincerely hope in the end they see the error of their ways. That said, folks have spent hundreds of dollars on a Samsung phone &/or watch that, according to independent reviews, doesn't work well with Sony products (or it's 2015 LDAC codec). There are LDAC issues, but I'm glad you're happy with yours (truly). In either case, it doesn't take away from Samsung user concerns.

        I'm just hoping/asking that when the official review is released, it addresses internal consistency (or lack thereof) between Samsung's other 2021/2 product releases.

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          • 12 Aug 2022

          Sorry but why are people raving about this? This is old technology, my Sony headphones have 24-bit Hi-Fi sound with awesome ANC already.
          None of this is impressive. At first I was impressed by the battery life but realised my WF-1000XM4 last about the same, and can last longer if I disable ANC, and switch to a lower power codec (but why would I do that?).
          What is more hilarious, is the fact they don't even support aptX HD, let alone LDAC.

          All of this hype is just Samsung fan-boys thinking this is extraordinary when in reality none of this is even remotely impressive. The fact Samsung is late to this game is rather concerning.

          And I am not a Sony fan-boy either, my ear buds are not as comfortable as I would like them to be, they can be a bit bulky, especially if you sleep with them. These earphones will still beat the Samsung buds any day when it comes to audio regardless.

          Please stop raving like Apple fan-boys for old tech. Thanks!

            Anonymous, 11 Aug 2022My ATH-CKS50TW can handle 20 hours one single charge and 15... moreThat's debatable AT makes incredible headphones, but their TWS is only slightly better than competition.
            They half"donkey" their TWS as well, well most of their in ears in general.

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              • 12 Aug 2022

              you have to suffer, 11 Aug 2022there is no way bluetooth can carry 24bit hifi. this is why... morebluetoth 24bit aptx you are wrong

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                • 11 Aug 2022

                Looking to replace my tech gear (Phone, Watch and Earbuds). Sound quality is considered a major consideration. To work, the devices have to be compatible, spec-wise – from source music type through all devices. My understanding:
                Samsung S22+ phone is Bluetooth 5.2 supporting aptX, LDAC, & Samsung Scalable Codec.
                Buds2 Pro: Bluetooth 5.3 but no LDAC & no AptX. LE in future (not really a quality feature). "High Res Audio w/24bit" but that's neither a spec nor codec. says "Samsung Seamless Codec", presumably different than phone's "Scalable".
                Galaxy 5Pro Watch: Last year's Exynos W920 processor. Bluetooth 5.2 and NO info on codecs shown.
                If they are ALL different, audio reverts to base Bluetooth (2003's SBC codec), and that's unacceptable to me.
                Question 1: What specific codec will phone use when passing music to the new earbuds?
                Question 2: same question, between Phone and Buds2Pro
                Thank you; and I appreciate this is a technical question, but know that it’s been both time consuming and frustrating to even piece together what I think I know!

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                  • 11 Aug 2022

                  My ATH-CKS50TW can handle 20 hours one single charge and 15 hours with noise cancelling,there arent any earbuds from Samsung yet,how come is this news?
                  Audio-Technica is far superior than Samsung.

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                    • 11 Aug 2022

                    kevinmcmurtrie, 11 Aug 2022I do buy lossless audio files. It doesn't cost much m... moreWired is better. But you need wireless when you are in move. So it is better to have different types. Both wired and wireless. Both large and small. I have 1 wireless over ear 1 wired on ear 3 tws 1 neckband 1 in ear monitor 3 wired earphones. They are different but good. I've never regretted for paying and buying them. Can write down models if you want.

                      there is no way bluetooth can carry 24bit hifi. this is why i trust wired audio more.

                        Samath N8 808 owner, 11 Aug 2022Totally agree with you. But sorry to say, we're living... moreAgreed. Samsung using bit-depth in their marketing material as an attempt to come across as "HiFi" is a bit laughable. Using that logic, the Delta Airlines Complimentary earphones must be S-tier audiophile grade. Being wired, they're capable of playing back an infinite bit-depth, sampling rate, and bitrate. Samsung is playing to their audience though, because they understand that a majority of their sales come from audio-illiterate folk. The general public has no idea what they're missing out on. They just want convenience, loudness, and bass. If you can throw in the words "HiFi" or "Dolby surround" that'll attract consumers like moths to a light source.

                          kevinmcmurtrie, 11 Aug 2022I do buy lossless audio files. It doesn't cost much m... moreMyself included in that. I keep everything stored in FLAC on my media drive, then split that in consumable chunks amongst my mobile devices. That feeds into an XDUOO XD-05 pocket-brick amplifier strapped to the back of my phone (lol), usually powering my 7Hz Timeless. TWS technology just isn't competitive yet. At least, for the price. My Galaxy Bud Pro's sound about on-par with a sub-$100 wired equivalent if we subtract the Bluetooth crunch/compression and information loss. They are nice to have around when the pocket-brick gets annoying though. Samsung's Scalable Codec is where I start to consider things getting passable. Anything below it is too much of a compromise.

                            Ivo., 11 Aug 2022Hhahah - says who? A bogus website?You do know that website is home to the largest public IEM and Headphone measurement database, right? 🤣 It's also run by one of the most widely renowned audio critics on the face of the internet, and trusted by most of the audiophile community.

                            Don't try to discredit a platform simply because you've never heard of it, it makes you look bad.

                              Dylan Mason, 10 Aug 2022"Clearer and richer audio" jesus murphy, clichés ... moreI do buy lossless audio files. It doesn't cost much more than MP3 and it means no worries about some songs having artifacts. The extra file size is insignificant on a 1TB microSd card.

                              And that's why I don't like Bluetooth. Most BT buds sound awful because of their power constraints. The best of them still have moments where they don't sound as good as wired. It's usually a momentary buzz or loss of stereo imaging caused by low complexity compression.

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                                • 11 Aug 2022

                                ytr1um, 10 Aug 2022The buds pro are the best sounding. moreHhahah - says who? A bogus website?

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                                  • 11 Aug 2022

                                  5 hours is dissappointing. I was expecting at least 8 hours.

                                    Dylan Mason, 10 Aug 2022"Clearer and richer audio" jesus murphy, clichés ... moreTotally agree with you. But sorry to say, we're living in a fools' paradise, with not many possibilities out.

                                    On one hand, Google makes changes to its Android 9 OS, that make them less supportive music playback devices. On the other, we have 24 bit devices being forecasted as high quality, with use of word HiFi. Most probably, they'll be used with 16 bit, 128-256kbps MP3's.

                                    I'm confident that my LG G8x with Soundmagic earphones sounds way better than this 24 bit wireless TWS does, specially with PC encoded FLAC files.

                                    Yet, the customer will buy them with unreal expectations, and majority of them don't even know what real audio quality is, because they never experienced it, or they consider quality as high volume, use of effects & equalizers, etc.

                                      Anonymous, 11 Aug 2022How is $230 expensive? It is, when you consider sound quality won't most likely be anything worth while.

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                                        • 11 Aug 2022

                                        dee, 10 Aug 2022the price is getting out of hand, it is disgustingly expens... moreHow is $230 expensive?