Weekly poll results: OnePlus 10T gets the cold shoulder

14 August 2022
In the US market where there is little variety the 10T has potential. In markets with more competition, however, it is looking like a tough sell.

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  • Prabhat krishna
  • vGc
  • 20 Aug 2022

This seems like beginning of the end for OnePlus....how can you remove alert slider in a premium phone..

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    • fCC
    • 19 Aug 2022

    Get a OnePlus 9t instead. Excellent deal imo

      Bodygard, 14 Aug 2022Major causes for Oneplus fall: 1 - Letting fan base down w... moreMy OnePlus Nord has a 4k selfie camera and when I look at new flagships that's the first thing I look for. There's only 3 or 4 phones that have have 4k selfie cameras even now.

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        • Anonymous
        • X%a
        • 16 Aug 2022

        Guys Oneplus is following footprints of Nokia

          Flagship killers are and always were flagship WANNABES. Nothing else. I'd rather spend more and buy a real high-end flagship that is even 2-3 years old instead of a brand new wannabe.

            Anonymous, 15 Aug 2022OnePlus became greedy starting with the OnePlus 8Don't be under any illusions, that's exactly what Nothing will become, they are a business i.e pro profit entity. In an informed market competition will drive prices low and innovation/differentiation high but seeing how Apple and the likes have successfully read the masses for being clueless, some segments zealots, most dont have to improve but rely on milking the userbase or fanbase should we say. Oneplus built all that up and now it's crumbling, Carl Pei saw the writing on the wall for Oneplus and now he is off to repeat the formula at Nothing. He is the same businessman who worked with Pete Lau at Oneplus from the grounds up, dont expect anything different. To Oneplus's credit their first phone truly was a flagship killer, this new Nothing phone (1) is an underwhelming, corner cutting, overpriced ripoff.

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              • Anonymous
              • 3xR
              • 15 Aug 2022

              OnePlus became greedy starting with the OnePlus 8

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                • MB{
                • 15 Aug 2022

                It would be so great if this eventually would make the suppliers believe that customers are critical enough to understand that 2 an 8 MP cameras are just a marketing trick.
                2MP was 1995, 8MP 2014.
                Anything below 12MP is not regarded a camera by the vast majority of customers who are interested in a 600 USD phone.
                What a waste of resources and effort to bring such a phone on the market.

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                  • David
                  • nH9
                  • 15 Aug 2022

                  Was a 1+ user, loved the phone, and its os even with all of its and the hardwares faults.I used it for 6 years and was watching each anouncement from the company in hope i will see my "new phone" with them.Sadly it wont happen with them, as the os is not theirs really anymore and not that good, the camera finally is worthy to be called good, but for that price they ask here is way too much.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 63x
                    • 15 Aug 2022

                    Anonymous, 14 Aug 2022All are trash now. Only One UI is great. Samsung is the way... more*laughs in GOS*

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                      • NoName
                      • 7kb
                      • 15 Aug 2022

                      I have MI 3S, purchased 5 years back. It is still Rocking. I don't see any reason to upgrade

                        I do think OnePlus can be brave enough to sell the 10T for $599 with 8/128. But I still find it a bummer that the 10T doesn't support HDMI ALT video output.

                          Nicer, 14 Aug 2022True. even those who say will get one or will get 10 pro,... moreWord!

                            I like this oneplus very much. Oppo make good phones. We have to understand that oneplus has matured. It's still a good phone.

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                              • OnePlus User
                              • Gxb
                              • 15 Aug 2022

                              My OnePlus 7t is still doing it's job perfectly. It was the best value for money in my opinion. The biggest flaw with the OnePlus 10t is it's Camera package. OnePlus should try their hands at a 10t Pro.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 6wN
                                • 14 Aug 2022

                                ZerofoxDB, 14 Aug 2022Oppo have changed OnePlus from a unique brand with a unique... moreAll are trash now. Only One UI is great. Samsung is the way to go. Don't listen to others that say it has too much bloatware. My A52 is very lightweight and gets many updates.

                                  ZerofoxDB, 14 Aug 2022Oppo have changed OnePlus from a unique brand with a unique... moreYeah, it's asking "fans" what they want then ignoring it (something employers often do to employees), or back-tracking when they realise their poor decisions have negatively impacted on sales. However, the back-tracking usually ends up being a lie too - "OxygenOS 13 will be more like stock Android".

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                                    • Mmmma
                                    • XxD
                                    • 14 Aug 2022

                                    This isn't a movie
                                    The world isn't only USA

                                      I'm still rocking my 7pro, which may be the best OP phone ever. It's in perfect condition, still very fast, battery holding up great. I've been looking for my next phone, but haven't seen any I want. I keep hoping OP will give us a great phone, but it's not looking too good. Since I'm still waiting on Android 12, I figure I've got another year before I have to make a choice. I'm hoping Nothing will bring out a better phone than the 1, maybe I'll give it a go.

                                        OnePlus lost me after OP6.
                                        I remember buying OP6 8/128 (red) and short time afterwards I bought Mi 9t pro 6/128 for like 35% less what I have paid for my OnePlus.
                                        At that time i had few OP phones starting with OP3t.
                                        I was just disappointed with every new device OnePlus came with afterwords. OP5 had screen issues. Batteries got smaller, features were fewer but excuses were bigger and so was the price. OP6 was okay but battery was getting smaller again. I was on 20% at 630pm and had to recharge once more before going to bed.
                                        Mi 9t pro was better phone (screen, battery life, processor...) then and for two years ago I changed to Poco F2 pro and never looked back.
                                        OnePlus is on a downward spiral since Carl Pei left the firm and Corp. midgets took over.
                                        It's abit sad as I was a big fan.