Samsung reveals Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 design stories

12 August 2022
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  • Cem
  • 17 Aug 2022

MJ600, 12 Aug 2022Xiaomi completely obliterated the z fold 4 with their Mix F... moreExcept that it cant be angled at all unless you have an adjustable kickstand case lol. Have you not seen the video of the the phone only being able to open and close lol?

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    • Maria
    • sEB
    • 13 Aug 2022

    Somehow, the era of fold design remind me with the era Nokia Communicator (i.e. 9500 the color one) :-(

      They made some really bad design decisions on the Fold 3,5. Especially that hideous crease omg..

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        • MJ600
        • jst
        • 12 Aug 2022

        Xiaomi completely obliterated the z fold 4 with their Mix Fold 2! Its everything that the ZF4 should have been, I wish the Mix Fold 2 was available stateside.

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          • DMX
          • 8xr
          • 12 Aug 2022

          The Flip, 12 Aug 2022Not a fan of those glossier sides. More prone to showing fi... moreSamsung after huawei was betada goes at ease, increasingly conceivable that what happened with huawey and usa was an agreement between apple, samsung, and the trump government to remove huawey that had been destroying everything! They were scared and had to resort to lies that no one has yet shown evidence! So my question is? for this they wanted huaeri out? to be taking out phones today with something and tomorrow not? giving things by the drop

            Not a fan of those glossier sides. More prone to showing fingerprints and scratches. It's like the iPhone 12 and 13 Pro series. I prefer the matte sides from the 2021 models. The flatter sides does help with grip but it can also dig into your palms. At least it's not as sharp as the Razr 5G's sides.

            I still find it a Will Smith slap-in-the-face that Samsung gave the S-Pen and silo to the S22 Ultra but not to their $1800 product.. SMH. Why not offer everything to your most expensive? It's a tock year for Samsung. An "S" year. I just hope they don't do an HTC and use the same design for 3 straight years like HTC did with their One M9.