Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 in for review

14 August 2022
It may look similar to the Z Flip3 but the Flip4 brings several key improvements under the hood.

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Phone is pretty weak in build quality.

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    • Medrod
    • cSg
    • 16 Aug 2022

    I went from a Note 8 to the Flip3 a year ago because I needed a new phone and the Note line was dropped and I really loved flip phones back in the day. The Flip3 has been great and I've already ordered a Flip4. The upgrades are really minimal but Samsung's deal is unbeatable. I've been wanting to get a new Tablet and waited to see if one was coming out. None was released but a major discount was offered if upgrading to the Flip4. Bottom line is that I ordered a Flip4, Tab 8+, and keyboard cover for the tablet at a cost of less than the Tab 8+!
    I just wish they'd put a small stylus with the Flip series and add an indent to make flipping it open a little easier.

      Beware of the screen protector starting to peel off with the Flip 4 because it's starting to with my Flip 3 after a year. It creates this "sticker bubble" and it will only get bigger and bigger. You can still see it with the screen off or using a plain black wallpaper. I hear Samsung can replace it FREE the first time. But after that, it starts coming out of your pocket.

      It should be FREE for life. That's Samsung's own engineering flaw having that deep crease that a screen protector can start to peel off. I use my Razr 5G more and got it 20 days later. I get the creaky sound from the hinge but zero issues with the screen. The crease has never been noticeable in the first place. When I run my fingers over it, it's not like a gutter the way my Flip 3 feels.

      With Fold or Flip, that crease is extremely noticeable and you need to view it straight ahead to make the viewing experience better. Samsung still never corrected this with the 4. Such a wasted year by them rehashing their Fold 4 and Flip 4. A very uninspired upgrade. I got no choice but to keep my Flip 3 since I realized I only get $700 instead of $900 because it's only 128 GB.

      I hated Samsung for years. I rooted for LG even though I'm aware of their flaws too. Maybe it's time for me to hate Samsung again? The undisputed leader in foldables and they still can't rid of that crease after 3 years while Chinese got rid of it or were much shallower with their first gens.

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        • Limey
        • rMM
        • 15 Aug 2022

        I have had the z flip 3 nearly 1 year and I love it. I found it so difficult to manage with my Pixel XL in my pocket, it was just too bulky. The z flip gives me a great sized screen in a much smaller footprint. I won't upgrade as I have another year left to pay off the 3 but I'm glad samsung is still developing new ones.

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          • x0k
          • 15 Aug 2022

          Anonymous, 14 Aug 2022Just paste the flip 3 review with updated battery and proce... moreFlip4 has a different hinge, which is a substantial functional part of the phone

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            • RicL
            • kAW
            • 15 Aug 2022

            I have the Flip 3 and love it. I am trading it in for the Flip 4 because of the upgrades and the crazy deals Samsung is offering. I thought about going back to a flat phone, but I'm hooked on the compact size of the flip when folded. I got the Flip 4 Bespoke 256 and new Buds Pro 2 for about $255 with my trade in. What a deal!

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              • Anonymous
              • Lkg
              • 15 Aug 2022

              blue, 15 Aug 2022That's a reason for Razr being better? Grow up, child.There are other.

              - no sluggish samsung software
              - no 8bit screen with low frequency and bad calibration
              - better camera
              - useful rear display

                I quite like the concept of the flip. I prefer it to the Fold configuration.

                Speaking generally of course, not specifically about this one. I just find closing a flip to be both nostalgic and satisfying.

                Plus not having the main screen exposed all the time is a longevity advantage as I see it.

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                  • SdF
                  • 15 Aug 2022

                  Anonymous, 15 Aug 2022A plastic screen with a crease in the middle, which will pr... moreI for one never think about the crease in my F3.
                  Simply doesn't bother me and its easily forgettable.
                  Kudos for Samsung giving the extra choice.
                  I personally won't be going back to a rectangle phone again.

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                    • mip
                    • 15 Aug 2022

                    It's a harsh update for flip 3 owners. THe flip 4 IS the flip 3 but has many flaws erased that shouldn't have been a problem on the flip 3 but were. Battery life did su*k so much on the flip 3 that I had to sell it. I won't come back for the flip any time soon and hoping for a pixel notepad instead. The chinese foldables are d*pe, but...chinese. Politics may not be a thing for many, but is for me. I personally won't support chinese manufacturers anymore.

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                      • blue
                      • Mx6
                      • 15 Aug 2022

                      Anonymous, 15 Aug 2022Razr = phone design Flip = makeup box design That's a reason for Razr being better? Grow up, child.

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                        • d%%
                        • 15 Aug 2022

                        A plastic screen with a crease in the middle, which will probably get worse throughout the use. Who wants that, just to use a fancy phone?

                          Anonymous, 15 Aug 2022Hardware-wise, absolutely. But I think where the Flip ... moreAnd build quality. And display quality. And durability. And longevity. And design.

                          Chinese phones are rushed specwh re phones. Chinese foldable are that, plus often paper launches. The Razr has only been shown in video and renders. It's easy to over sell things that aren't tangible.

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                            • gJN
                            • 15 Aug 2022

                            In US the trade in value of the flip 3 is $900 ... in Poland it's 2600PLN! So buying in US the phone can cost only $125 and in Poland $500! Besides this value is always a BS as they'll ripe you off to a lower amount than the preview. I'll never consider the trade-in service in Poland.

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                              • 2Wx
                              • 15 Aug 2022

                              Anonymous, 14 Aug 2022Razr 2022 > Flip 4 Hardware-wise, absolutely.

                              But I think where the Flip will shine is with its software and more frequent updates.

                                Flip 3 captures 99.9% of the Flip 4 experience but the new one has longer battery life. That's the gist of it with the Flip 4. It's the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 12. The Flip 3S. Uninspired. More of the same.

                                Folks in the United States trading in their Flip 3 to get a 90% discount on a Flip 4 with double the storage will basically experience the same thing from what they got from their 3. Another year using that useless 1.9" cover display that still feels useless with the SamSprung widget. I can understand Mr. Mobile and Tech Odyssey preferring the Razr 2022 instead.

                                I'm good keeping my Flip 3. I don't want to redo everything again like setting up my homescreen and organizing all my media files again on basically a device that's the same. Some people are content with the predecessors. With a Flip 3, I remember being amazed with what it can emulate well. With Flip 4, it's now expected. No surprise. No longer fresh. Been there, done that.

                                This is similar to Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant or even LeBron James. I grew up on MJ. He came first. Most of my fond memories comes from him. God rests his soul but Kobe was just more of the same. LeBron has never really been the GOAT no matter how much his fanboys and media push it. I already witnessed someone greater than Kobe and LeBron.

                                Preferring the "weaker" predecessors -
                                Super NES > Nintendo 64
                                PlayStation > PlayStation 2
                                Final Fantasy 7 > Final Fantasy 8-15
                                Tekken 3 > Tekken 4-7
                                Metal Gear Solid 3 > Metal Gear Solid 4 & 5
                                iPhone 2G > iPhone 3G
                                HTC One M7 > HTC One M8
                                Pixel 3 > Pixel 4, 5, & 6
                                Android 9 > Android 10, 11, & 12

                                Flip 3 > Flip 4?
                                Razr 5G > Razr 2022?

                                  Anonymous, 15 Aug 2022Razr = phone design Flip = makeup box design no doubt

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Lkg
                                    • 15 Aug 2022

                                    blue, 14 Aug 2022LOL. Never happens.Razr = phone design
                                    Flip = makeup box design

                                      I still prefer this to Razr.. individual differences

                                        Early battery reviews on the Flip seem to be good.