Samsung India celebrates 50,000 pre-bookings for Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 (combined) in just 12 hours

18 August 2022
The launch in India was a week later than the rest of the world, Samsung only unveiled the prices for the new foldables this Tuesday.

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Samsung should hold their horses and tell us what the sales figures are like after 6 months.

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    • sung
    • Nu7
    • 18 Aug 2022

    AnonD-1033007, 18 Aug 2022In android world probably yes.Meaning what😏

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      • AnonD-1033007
      • S75
      • 18 Aug 2022

      Super Stadier, 18 Aug 2022GG Samsung!! Best Phone Brand Available Today!!!In android world probably yes.

        Anonymous, 18 Aug 2022Gimmick figures. Pre-orders don't mean anything. Actua... moreTrue but its still a huge win for Samsung. if this is simply Samsung India then think of the National Pre-Bookings. Even if people dont buy it or cancel their Booking Samsung is still going to make money off of it. Itd have to be a prank for every single booking to be canceled or even nobody buying it after its released.

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          • YQC
          • 18 Aug 2022

          Gimmick figures. Pre-orders don't mean anything. Actual sales figures do

            GG Samsung!! Best Phone Brand Available Today!!!