Huawei Mate 50 series is arriving on September 6

22 August 2022
The initial launch is in China, global rollout is yet to be confirmed.

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Otto, 23 Aug 2022The Mate series have always been the pinnacle of engeneerin... moreI would like to know if the Huawei Mate 50 will do wifi 6E ?

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    • 29 Aug 2022

    kawi, 24 Aug 2022we dont care about 5G ... long time ago i turned off 5G on ... moreyoull be caring about it next decade

      I heard some rumours that XMAGE is branding for Huawei's new ISP+NPU combo, if it's true I'm hoping that they will license it to Honor so that Honor phones can start having good image processing again.

        Only problem (for me at least) the price. Good condition Mate 40pro still above 600£... So I guess the pro version will be around 1300-1400£. I stay with my Nova 9.

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          • kawi
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          • 24 Aug 2022

          Zamir , 23 Aug 2022It's 5g network or 4gwe dont care about 5G ... long time ago i turned off 5G on my iphone 13 ... it is just draining the battery out ... so no benefit of it ... 4G+ is more than enough.......

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            • Otto
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            • 23 Aug 2022

            The Mate series have always been the pinnacle of engeneering arts - great thermal handling, high end SoC, best of Huawei camera tech, and literally "no compromise" devices.
            Leaving 5G out of the SoC is not necessarily a drawback: 5G is a power hog and without 5G the phone will save on battery/power and run cooler.
            And for those who really need 5G, there certainly will be that special cover with built in 5G radio.

            I think that Huawei are still among the most talented and most skilled smartphone makers and I am curious to see reviews on the new upcoming Mate 50 pro.

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              • 23 Aug 2022

              Michy, 22 Aug 2022I have a Mate 30 Pro (5G) and in two months it will be 3 y... moreTrump started the ban and Biden even expanded it.

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                • 23 Aug 2022

                It's 5g network or 4g

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                  • 23 Aug 2022

                  Same here, P20 pro for three+ years. Top phone

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                    • 23 Aug 2022

                    paintbuckets, 23 Aug 2022For real, I had the Mate 20 Pro for 3 years. Best experienc... moreSame here. 4 years - and still works like just from the box

                      Oneplus user, 22 Aug 2022If mate 50 pro gets that 2019 style notch i will laugh. they instead opted for left pill hole. which consists front cam and ir sensor for face recognition. look at vivo v23 which uses 2019 notch evem though it released in 2022

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                        • 23 Aug 2022

                        notafanboy, 22 Aug 2022WTF are you babbling about ? WTF does iPhone GLOBAL launch ... moreDid you even read what I said, they are planning to launch it at the same time as the iPhone. That means they want to make the phone a direct competitor to the iPhone. Also when the iPhone “launches” it’s not immediately released. So if the Mate 50 launches in China it’s also not released immediately.

                        This move is intentionally done by Huawei. They think this phone is going to be big and confident it can take on the iPhone. If it had play services and 5g it would be a no brainier, but it doesn’t to this will put off a lot of people (personally I like HMS).

                        Huawei wants to take Apple on directly, most companies avoid same week launches as it tends to lower their coverage of their phones, when going again Major cellphone makers.

                          Michy, 22 Aug 2022I have a Mate 30 Pro (5G) and in two months it will be 3 y... moreFor real, I had the Mate 20 Pro for 3 years. Best experience I ever had with a phone. Still could handle all the apps without lag, amazing camera even in 2022. The phone doesn't feel like it has aged. Heck, it released in 2018 and has 3X optical zoom while the competition is just catching upto it now.

                          Yeah, still bummed about the android situation though. I would've used it for a year or more but decided to switch to iPhone.

                          Although unlikely, hope Huawei-US resolves the conflict :(

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                            • 22 Aug 2022

                            Michy, 22 Aug 2022I have a Mate 30 Pro (5G) and in two months it will be 3 y... moreI totally agree with your opinion!

                            I have Mate 20X for almost 4 years and never let me down.

                            I replace the battery before one month and is like new one again.

                            Totaly my favorite brand for phone. It's sad that they was stoped to grow up in that way.

                              Waxy, 22 Aug 2022New Camera King Incoming. But will give it a miss if it has... moreKing wat? dude is like comedian 😂 without leica not a chance. Speaking of cpu, they're keep recycling their 3 yrs old kirin 9000 if lucky they'll get surplus oven sd888 4G made by friend sammy boy.

                                I have a Mate 30 Pro (5G) and in two months it will be 3 years old.

                                It is the smartphone that has lasted the longest in good condition (without things that begin to fail over time).

                                The one that has maintained the most performance over the years without lags in the interface or opening apps, and working nice in powerful games.

                                The one with the most support. It was released with Android 10 and the Emui 10 layer. They updated it to Emui 11 and soon to Emui 12. and with security updates that keep coming. In my case, being Chinese, it has Harmony OS 2.0

                                If it weren't for Trump's ban they would have "eaten" the market.

                                  Silentwalker, 22 Aug 2022They want to launch this product the same time Apple is sup... moreWhat are you talking about? They had this date in mind a long time ago. Stop talking rubbish.

                                    I Hope mate 50e comes to europe because I'm definitely not spending 1000 +€ for a mediocre phone

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                                      • Tui
                                      • 22 Aug 2022

                                      huawei is dead in west... after all scandals ?? not even free i want this phone

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                                        • 6wp
                                        • 22 Aug 2022

                                        Mate x is the best with large screen