Samsung previews IFA 2022 event: It’s all about the smart home

29 August 2022
The manufacturer is betting on sustainability and energy efficiency.

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  • yuka
  • nK3
  • 30 Aug 2022

Meanwhile my Watch4 has less than half the battery life of my watch 3, which had less than my watch active. My smartphone has less battery life than 10 years ago. I could go on and on. These corporate entities are just full of words and are very short on substance, while prices go up and up. I didn't talk about reliability; i can't count devices which are useless after one year or two. Yes, they can talk about sustainablity, but it's only their business sustainability.. And a special mention to Samsung , you are worse and worse each year.

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    • Spike
    • si0
    • 29 Aug 2022

    I like how these companies gaslight people to cover on a lot of stuff: quality that doesn't last (more waste), more expensive, less pay to people. We buy appliances with our hard earned money and then have to figure out how to keep it clean or undamaged (buy more accessories cause one thing leads to another). LG finally came up with extension for over range microwaves, so grease doesn't accumulate on the front of the microwave, which you can damage trying to clean.
    So now i will have to buy that from LG instead of Samsung cause they never thought it's important to have. Connectivity between my gadgets thrown out of the window.

    On the other hand, to get the best of everything you have to buy each smart gadget from a different company. If a smart bulb can be dimmed for example why on planet earth not make the bulb with highest Brightness possible and then people can control dimming!? Whats the use of a Floodlight camera that is 4K but half the needed brightness fir the Floodlight!? Hubs should not be mandatory and people by now should elect to go through a hub or wifi (Philips Hue am talking to You!).

    I wish companies focus on whats important: Stop covering yourselves with environmental issues, social justice issues (i am a triple minority), and everything else BUT QUALITY!!