The Pixel Watch might be more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Watch5

30 August 2022
The Pixel Watch price might be a hard pill to swallow with the rumored older chipset.

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  • 05 Sep 2022

Bizolekhulu, 04 Sep 2022This watch is not going to make a dent against the Apple Wa... moreHonestly, after owning google watches. I wouldn’t trust have to just go with just works right.....maybe, Samsung is good? Idk. But Macs are great. IPads are great. I don’t know why people mess with other companies.

    This watch is not going to make a dent against the Apple Watch, especially if it is going to be more expensive than the best smartwatch alternative (for Android users, anyway) which is the Apple Watch. Plus, it looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 which came out a few years back, so there is that too.

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      • 01 Sep 2022

      I've been telling people for a year that they are targetting the Apple product. They tried to create a round Apple watch thinking it will sell, but Apple is still a status symbol in some regions and will sell well. Samsung realized that small kid Mobvoi was onto something and neutralized that minor threat with the watch 5.Oppo pro is 50mm, the new ticwatch seems to be the most interesting option for enthisiasts.

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        • 01 Sep 2022

        yalim, 31 Aug 2022even a galaxy watch 4 is an upgrade compared to upcoming pi... morehow to come Google pixel watch

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          • 31 Aug 2022

          This watch is NOT going to fly! Back to the drawing board.

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            • 31 Aug 2022

            even a galaxy watch 4 is an upgrade compared to upcoming pixel watch.shame.

              Anonymous, 30 Aug 2022Smart watches are utterly pointless and redundant!Maybe to some, but not to least not any more.
              I bought one almost 4 years ago, just as a laugh. Was going to send it back after playing with it a couple days, but the first day not having to grab my phone every time I received a call, text etc was worth it.
              Then, I noticed you could track your sleep. I started noticing that in the middle of the night, my heart rate was spiking in the 90 beats per minute. On my next yearly medical checkup, I showed my doctor who suggested a sleep study, which showed I had moderate sleep apnea. I've been on a CPAP ever since.
              So, it might be a goofy thing for some, but in my case, it helped!

                Google should work on the pricing, you have a good search engine, mailing, and android but your hardware and pricing are not up to the market compared to other companies...

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                  • 30 Aug 2022

                  Pixel is nowhere near to Samsung. Remember that when you want to buy a joke called Pixel.

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                    • 30 Aug 2022

                    Anonymous, 30 Aug 2022Where are the Snapdragon 5100 watches? They're meant t... moreThat is not any better than the one Pixel is using.. Still uses A53 cores and unannounced to be more precise..

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                      • 30 Aug 2022

                      Google seems to be so confident about their upcoming flop products. Lol

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                        • 30 Aug 2022

                        Where are the Snapdragon 5100 watches? They're meant to be good on battery life.

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                          • 30 Aug 2022

                          Oh mah ghad nooooo, so much more expensive, how I'm supposed to afford my iced latte now, noooo... /s

                          First test the product and then claim it's a tough sell DRAMArena.

                            Who wants to bet Google's committment on software support? WearOS is absolutely sad in this regard because Google just doesn't seem to care.

                              It's gonna flop, I hate to say it.

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                                • 30 Aug 2022


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                                  • 30 Aug 2022

                                  More expensive than something already established hahaha God... hahaha and not even arrive at 7 pm with load haha

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                                    • 30 Aug 2022

                                    Smart watches are utterly pointless and redundant!

                                      a watch that are full of bugs.
                                      rather go for galaxy watch 5 if this is real