Realme UI 4.0 roadmap revealed ahead of announcement

05 September 2022
The first beta is already seeding to Realme GT 2 Pro.

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  • 03 Dec 2022

Realme c25s have give last update when i buy its already upgrade to android 11.they means two year android update is android 11 and android 12 what about Realme android 13 you have you in our devices in Pakistan some issue bring there like phone charged very fast

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    • tha
    • 24 Sep 2022

    Interesting. Looking at the road map, it seems that Realme will prioritize the remaining GT/Q series that both aren't mentioned here and also not 2+ years old (2 because I read that's Realme's guaranteed major OS updates). So owning a Q3 Pro, I would expect an Android 13 update within Jan-Feb. After that though, I don't know if I'll stick longer with this phone. No custom ROMs will ever be available ('cause Mediatek) so it's a complete dead end. Also, unless the devs suddenly change their minds, Mediatek processors will never reach the same level of optimization as Snapdragon does. So yeah, with custom ROMs + optimization, I would rather pay that 10% premium fee to have SD SoCs.

    As for the owners of budget/midrangers like the Realme 8 or 9, I do feel bad for them. The brand literally started with those series and now it'll just leave them hanging like that.

      Anonymous, 17 Sep 2022You are wrong because they have already started to update Good for you and all the owners of this smartphone ...the budget smartphones or the old smarphones specially with low prices, we don't ever know if they will be updated by the makers (unfortunately)...

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        • Pt9
        • 17 Sep 2022

        Pierre sur internet, 06 Sep 2022and will probably forever be....You are wrong because they have already started to update

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          • Lucian
          • aj@
          • 07 Sep 2022

          Is useless if it has all the issues from ui 3. Since I've bought the GT2 I'm submitting issues to realme, an none were fixed after all the updates. A lot of features on realme GT2 don't work as intended, gaming is bad, audio in video recordings is terrible, some sounds only play on bottom speaker, they advertise 1000hz touch sampling rate but in reality is 360hz, and many more...

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            • Grey Wolf
            • ppq
            • 06 Sep 2022

            Anonymous, 06 Sep 2022fakeme and its fake roadmapsAt least Realme released many of its models in 2022 with Android 12 out of the box. Unlike some other competitor (cough cough Xiaomi), who released many models in 2022 still with Android 11. And I know this, because I have one such model, as my secondary phone.
            Of course, nothing wrong with Android 11, especially if the phone hasn't got big issues. But just saying.

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              • rJ7
              • 06 Sep 2022

              fakeme and its fake roadmaps

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                • D$S
                • 06 Sep 2022

                varx, 06 Sep 2022GT Explorer Master is the same deviceIt's not.

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                  • varx
                  • DkI
                  • 06 Sep 2022

                  SiLv3rDr0iD, 05 Sep 2022Surprisingly there is no mention of the GT master even thou... moreGT Explorer Master is the same device

                    Nscurre, 06 Sep 2022My Realme 7 is still on Realme UI 2.0 😭and will probably forever be....

                      My Realme 7 is still on Realme UI 2.0 😭

                        The Android Freak, 05 Sep 2022They are providing timely updates.GT neo 2 here in France (city : Paris)...I have Android 12 and the security patch of july ....

                          August is already over, did the GT2 Pro already get it or something?

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                            • Kevin
                            • XQL
                            • 05 Sep 2022

                            Realme 8i recently received the Realme UI 3.0...
                            Idk if it's getting RUI4. They release devices like cabbages and software support is absent.

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                              • SiLv3rDr0iD
                              • 7k4
                              • 05 Sep 2022

                              Surprisingly there is no mention of the GT master even though it was launched alongside the Explorer master edition.

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                                • Hareesh
                                • D09
                                • 05 Sep 2022

                                Realme Narzo 30pro not available for ui 4.0

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                                  • Barish
                                  • DkI
                                  • 05 Sep 2022

                                  Sir please fix issues in Realme x3superzoom , specially provide 90FPS in gaming please 🥺

                                    Anonymous, 05 Sep 2022I'm just assuming that you didn't read the news p... moreNo need to read.

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                                      • YUU
                                      • 05 Sep 2022

                                      The Android Freak, 05 Sep 2022Mostly by December end to February mid. Realme is good with... moreI'm just assuming that you didn't read the news properly 😏

                                        Nice update from Realme, a trusted brand 👍