Apple iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max arrive with pill notch, Always-On Display, and new cameras

07 September 2022
There's a new chipset too, unlike the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus.

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  • 08 Sep 2022

It definitely will be copied..but a modified version of the pin hole that already exists

    Better than OnePlus, that's for sure

      Anonymous, 08 Sep 2022This is Apple's greed beating the EU impact to the pun... moreWell not gonna bother me since I don't buy a new iPhone this year anyway but it was the right thing by the EU to force Apple. Thats the only way they would change and move on from that ancient, underperforming lightning garbage.

        The people who think the pill-shaped notch is unique are delusional. It was first introduced on P40 Pro / Mate 40 Pro. Those phones came in 2020...

          Anonymous, 07 Sep 2022Keeping my 13 Pro, at least 4 years of updates to go so may... moreThat's true. maybe ill keep mine for longer as well. I just bought the Flip 4 and I'm totally excited about something "new".

            Anonymous, 08 Sep 2022That's an over exaggeration but you do have a point th... moreSadly many people do. If you watch the Youtube image comparison videos of previous phones image quality hasn't really changed much or at all in the last 3-5 years on Flagships.

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              • 08 Sep 2022

              Anonymous, 08 Sep 2022Apple can't stop winning.they never win always behind

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                • 08 Sep 2022

                I have been supporting the only Japanese brand in Europe for mobiles for years. I am delighted with my Sony Xperia 1 IV and will be purchasing the next one next year.

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                  • 08 Sep 2022

                  Kriegsherr, 08 Sep 2022The name is gsmarena last time I checked. Mainly android? W... moreBecause iphone news is not on this website only once year when new releases then u must expect comments clash 🤷‍♂️😁
                  Then iphone users don't even come here as they are not interested in android which is mostly covered on this website

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                    • 08 Sep 2022

                    UltraHD, 08 Sep 2022Have you even considered that Oppo isn't available eve... moreOppo is everywhere even now Reno8 series came to EU.. 🤷‍♂️
                    Find X pro was in eu instant.
                    I believe must be other countries of course not usa because they don't want it there. They selling only iphone, samsung, iPhone samsung Motorola, anf ugliest phone Google pixel
                    People will not usually want to buy but they have limitations.. Or banned advertising espec usa

                      AnonD-1058210, 08 Sep 2022Anf why apple users are here when this site is mainly andro... moreThe name is gsmarena last time I checked. Mainly android? Where do you guys get your information?

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                        • 08 Sep 2022

                        SShock, 08 Sep 2022Good thing is that only Apple could pull it off by working ... moreJust get an Android and be happy.

                        If anyone is having issues with Apple products then don't buy them, thay make their devices for those who like them whatever they do.

                        I don't like physical sim at all, so which phone should I get? Of course iPhone 14.

                        No one is forcing you to buy. Just imagine there is no company as Apple at all, if it bothers you so much.

                          This time Apple took inspiration from Huawei P40 Pro / Mate 40 Pro with the pill notch. Calling it "fancy island" or whatever doesn't change what it is...

                          Also, welcome to the quad-bayer camera club...

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                            • 08 Sep 2022

                            Interesting phones

                              DaFink, 08 Sep 2022Yeah I’m with you on that, it’s a premature move at the ver... moreGood thing is that only Apple could pull it off by working with service providers and creating foundation for everyone else. And that part is not so cool. It may be convenient for us geeks, but I can already tell you it's going to be nightmare to manage for others. I already have to manage mobile stuff for my parents and for my grandparents, being forced to run individual online accounts for them will suuuuuuck. I'm using a provider that doesn't have physical stores or offices, they handle all of it via phone or web. It's great service and cheap, for this very reason, but I can see it being a problem this way.

                              And hot swapping SIM is just more convenient and with this, I couldn't even resort to my backup phone anymore which only still has physical SIM tray. It creates bunch of problems I just don't want to deal with.

                                SShock, 08 Sep 2022Why I see it as a negative? Because you have no option for ... moreYeah I’m with you on that, it’s a premature move at the very least.

                                  -Trix-, 08 Sep 2022I never seen any reason to have SIM Tray, it's annoyin... moreWhy I see it as a negative? Because you have no option for anything else. There are things that I've excused Apple for it, like AppStore being restricted and no sideloading. You can deal with that in ways. There is no way around having NO option to even use phone if all it can accept is eSIM.

                                    Maria, 08 Sep 2022At least, Apple does one new thing this year, that is "... moreYeah controversial though this feature is, look at the position Apple were in. The notch was getting nothing but criticism (mostly from those not actually using iPhones that had it, but still), the technology to do the Face-ID system any other way than a notch or cutout doesn’t yet exist, andFace-ID is the system Apple invested into developing and thus want to implement. All this means they didn’t really have much of a choice but to do something like this, at least they have tried to be creative with it, for better or worse only time will tell.

                                    My wish is that I’d had been done across the entire 14 series. All that being said, no matter what Apple did it was going to get ripped apart on this site, again mostly by people never intending to pick up an iPhone anyway 🤷.

                                      AnonD-1058210, 08 Sep 2022Guys best smartphone right now is ; Oppo Reno8 Pro 5G! Ve... moreHave you even considered that Oppo isn't available everywhere? What about the countries where mostly availability have Xiaomi, Apple and Samsung?
                                      If people want to buy iPhone, let them.

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                                        • 08 Sep 2022

                                        JLC, 08 Sep 2022Translation of Apple's marketing: - Action mode: it i... moreAt least, Apple does one new thing this year, that is "Dynamic Island". No matter how good or bad this new thing, it will be improved/fixed/repaired in the next iPhone. And I am pretty sure that this new thing will copied, le't see.