Nokia 5800 Tube leaked again, gets XpressMusic branding

28 July, 2008
It seems that Nokia 5800 Tube is really close to an official announcement, as more quality images and detailed information has leaked online. An important discovery is...

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  • Anonymous

does this phone support n-gage game??

  • John

Interesting article about Nokia 5800. I believe after long time there is some proper comp for iPhone.

Also here is a great article which compares Nokia 5800 with iPhone 3G­n-why-nokia-5800-is-better-than-iphone-3g.html

  • -cs-

Dan, 05 Sep 2008Obviously a copy of the iphone. looks no where near as nice as ... moreyeah

if you READ the FEATURES

  • n6680

this is a very nice phone. love the innovative features. btw please stop referring every touch phone that comes out to the iphone? if u can't recall: HTC Touch, HTC Touch Pro, LG Prada (KE850), Sony Ericsson P990. they should be acknowledged too =(

  • kal

Dan, 05 Sep 2008Obviously a copy of the iphone. looks no where near as nice as ... morelol how is this a copy of iphone .... ???
so many phones came out that look like iphone ... omnia the new lg 8mp and so many more... this design wasnt originally created by apple just to let you know.
and nokia is not dumb they will make an N series touch screen and then you will see where the iphone stands next to its design....

  • Dan

Obviously a copy of the iphone.
looks no where near as nice as the iphone. the nokia's all rubbery and the iphone is all sleek.

  • Ahmedinho

The phone as all nokia phones are is encouraging but i didn't get to see 3g networking and applications downloading features

  • Nokii

Looks so disgusting with all those finger print smudges.

  • another new tube pic

DeJust, 06 Aug 2008Nice mid-range phone which is already giving the Apple fans(and ... more­ia

this pic is divine :)

  • DeJust

Nice mid-range phone which is already giving the Apple fans(and Samsung's Omnia) a really hard time. The iPhone is just a touchscreen internet tablet with SMS and voice calling capabilities which is still far from being a cellphone. No Bluetooth sharing, no video calling, no MMS, no Java, no flash, no video record, and u gonna call that thing a high-end smartphone? You can't copy a song or picture with Bluetooth, you have to buy it in the iTunes store if you don't have a PC. Once you buy an Apple product you'll never finish paying for it. Americans are just pathetic and every "good" thing they do they say "the best in the world" while they're trailling behind Europe and Asia terms of technology. I'm a Motorola fan anyway but that seems to be the only best thing the Americans have done(though they have that American ideology of making products to a certain market and forgeting the rest of the world) so far, though Motorola is still way behind since last year. In fact Americans live in a world of their own. I would buy this phone if it's under ZAR2500 here in South Africa.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2008hey has any1 seen that nokia touchscreen phone in the new batman... moreyeah yeah dude. this is just a movie after all.

  • Anonymous

manny, 03 Aug 2008No its not meant to be a "smart-phone" this is just a nice midra... morehey has any1 seen that nokia touchscreen phone in the new batman movie THE DARK NIGHT it looks more like the nokia n98­007/10/nokia-n98-01.jpg
then the tube 5800 xpress music­-touch-phone.jpg

  • manny

lastnight?, 01 Aug 2008would this symbian phone be better than a WM phone like the omni... moreNo its not meant to be a "smart-phone" this is just a nice midrange phone with a touch screen.

  • n_i_d_e_r

Dan, 02 Aug 2008First of all, didnt you hear about nokia buying the rest of symb... morenonsense!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan

N_i_d_e_r, 01 Aug 2008. . . Do u kn0w what ur talkin 'b0ut??! Then, u make me LAUGH!! ... moreFirst of all, didnt you hear about nokia buying the rest of symbian? You can google it and find out for yourself.
Secondly, this section is for the 5800xpressmusic, but its obvious you still prefer to talk about the samsun INNOV8 and nokia n96. Theirs is a friendly competition, not cut-throat. Do you honestly think nokia would let samsung use the symbian OS if they knew it would bring major competition? And this isnt the only time samsung have used symbian. Remember the G810?
The only major difference between the INNOV8 and the n96 is the megapixel count. Since the INNOV8 is the only 8mp smartphone, this makes the competition indirect, so you cant put them in a head-to-head combat. It would be more appropriate to wait for a nokia 8mp phone (which shall be realeased around november-december according to which will be more similar to the INNOV8.

  • Anonymous


  • asifranjha

i have n95 8gb but when i heard about samsung innov8 i was in total shock,i m truly waiting for samsung release.please hurry up.someone is waiting?plz.

  • Symbian Freak

Samsung didnt challenge Nokia only when they release some Symbian phones...and the Nokia phones has MORE MORE MORE better features on the OS supported by Ngage,Ovi,Mosh,Push E-mail,My Nokia for some regions (my country not supported by My Nokia) while Samsung concentrate on the Cover designe more than services but to be honest there phones are cheaper...again if Samsung share in market 15% in next year (i think more with int INNOV) and Nokia share 41% (i think more when we have high end touch screen Phone) then its 61%...let symbian use 30%...then its better many many times than iPhone...

Battle between Nokia and Samsung but its just friendly match cauz Nokia already OWN Symbian...

  • N_i_d_e_r

Dan, 01 Aug 2008Samsung is not exactly challenging Nokia because nokia own symbi... more. . . Do u kn0w what ur talkin 'b0ut??! Then, u make me LAUGH!! As far as i kn0w!! SYMBIAM was formed as a partnership between N0KIA, ERICSS0N, M0TOROLA and Psi0n... And its previ0usly "0WNED" by N0KIA, ERICSS0N, PANAS0NIC and "SAMSUNG". . . . I'll write it again! Also 0wned by SAMSUNG!! And do u think?! There were n0 c0mpetiti0n between each manufacturer its simply bcuz they used same 0S??! LoL. . . , we are talkin 'b0ut of the features, features n0t 0S... Ex: i8510 vs N96, Lyk that, do u think ther is n0 c0mpetiti0n between i8510 to N96 bcuz they used same 0S?! Is that what u sayin?! 0h g0sh. . . .0pen ur mind men!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2008A mid range? Well it should be is. Since it only use symbian. An... morewao u say
"nokia only good at its cover design, the rest is only expensiveness and standard feature"

till now nokia design not very perfect but

the feature much more stronger than other

even 2nd phone maker also been attractive by Nokia of using SYMBIAN

if those who think Carzl Zeiss Optics bad

don't ever buy a SONY DIGITAL CAMERA

go buy Canon better