Tecno launches Camon 19 Pro Mondrian with changing colors

15 September 2022
The phone is named after the famous artist as the phone’s design follows his abstract paintings.

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  • uI7
  • 15 Sep 2022

AnonD-1063708, 15 Sep 2022would really like to get one of theseNo

    one of the best back design

      So it seems people are interested with its design or atleast it's something different but it literally looks like project ara from like 2014, the modular phone that never got released because of not enough interest yet that device was going to be fully modular with the ability to constantly swap out any part you want. They look exactly the same but this phone has no benefit. It's like leather designs, everyone hated them when LG was doing it for the LG g4 but now it's a cool, different option people like.

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        • imanickyourname
        • t7r
        • 15 Sep 2022

        minkyd, 15 Sep 2022RIP phonebloksdamn ara was that close

          RIP phonebloks

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            • Anonymous
            • SH3
            • 15 Sep 2022

            Very nice and unique design

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              • Nice
              • CbD
              • 15 Sep 2022

              Cool...5G variant Coming?

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                • Vivo user
                • X5u
                • 15 Sep 2022

                They copied vivo

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                  • Lkg
                  • 15 Sep 2022

                  Better than crappymi note series.
                  Slowly, India will get rid of junk.

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                    • AnonD-1063708
                    • LaV
                    • 15 Sep 2022

                    would really like to get one of these

                      It looks animated, interesting design.

                        This has been on offer in Venezuela for like two weeks now haha