Honor X40 debuts in China with slim profile, curved screen, affordable price

15 September 2022
It's priced at the equivalent of $214.

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  • Anonymous
  • 8uF
  • 16 Sep 2022

what happened to the X40 Max

    No ultra wide sensor ?!

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      • Dude
      • 0rZ
      • 16 Sep 2022

      Ha yeah right. Once in Europe it costs 500 Euro 😂

        i was waiting for x40 max with giant screen! annoying...

          I must confess, the back camera design looks interesting. It's not a washing machine but like a circle which looks better than filled one. $214 is for China unfortunately, expect at least $350+ if it launches globally.

            • s
            • sayabosanhidup
            • XUv
            • 16 Sep 2022

            should have bartered AMOLED with LCD
            display + snap dragon 835 or 845 or 855

            i want a phone which have everlasting screen which
            is LCD and i ll be waiting for x 50 with kirin chipsets

            this phone is so so beautiful and simple
            and it is almost love at first sight for me

              Amazing phone for this price waiting for globel lounge

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                • Tomio
                • 0r@
                • 16 Sep 2022

                This phone has its priorities right, low price and fitted with a nice display and very attractive design.
                Battery life should be quite nice with SD695 and charging quite fast.
                Camera's might be nothing out of the ordinary but I doubt many at this price point would complain about it.

                  • k
                  • kdw79
                  • 4RN
                  • 16 Sep 2022

                  Where is the rumored X40 Max that was supposed to be announced today according to all the leaks over last couple of months?

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 3Rs
                    • 16 Sep 2022

                    wow 200 dollar cheap amd more beauty than Iphone 14 pro.

                      • Feem
                      • qK0
                      • 16 Sep 2022

                      GrandCentral, 16 Sep 2022all of that for barely over $200? jeez... the american mark... moreYeah. I just wish we had the same bandwidths the rest of the world has so importing phones wouldn’t be so much of a pain

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                        • Anonymous
                        • p{W
                        • 16 Sep 2022

                        If it comes out in Europe it will be 350 euros

                          • k
                          • kek
                          • GBh
                          • 16 Sep 2022

                          For 200$, one should wonder where they are cutting corners......

                            Back to basic to Honor to be popular again? Let's see how the 50MP cam perfoms since the 2MP one is mainly crap, again 🤦‍♂️ (Perhaps ToF and this case, that could be okay)

                              all of that for barely over $200? jeez... the american market is really missing out on a lot
                              p.s. the colors are most likely just Rainbow Moon, Jade Green and Phantom Night