Motorola will launch Moto G72 on October 3

29 September 2022
India is the first country to get the 108 MP phone.

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  • 29 Sep 2022

Why are they launching a phone without 5g with pretty good hardware. When it will arrive does't matter, it will arrive. It would have been a great buy if it had a dimensity.

    Anonymous00, 29 Sep 2022Moto is back! Beware Realme and Redmi.if Motorola didn't launch to big market like Indonesia, I doubt they can beat Redmi and Realme. They even not have official online store here.

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      • 29 Sep 2022

      Qualcomm: Announces many chipsets through the year

      Chinese Phone Companies:
      Keep using old chips for years, with constant rebranding

        Anonymous00, 29 Sep 2022Moto is back! Beware Realme and Redmi.Moto is there, ya we do watch. But who cares. Redmi is already best brand for everyone we love redmi, best money to value. 2 years of Is updates. It's always redmi, mi that is best for everyone. Not like moto without updates and they kill it out.

        Custom roms are more popular for redmi.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 so what are you talking about mah

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          • 29 Sep 2022

          There's plenty of alternates out there,card slot,NFC,radio,jack,to support me and others who want all these,just my penny's worth 😱

            Moto is back! Beware Realme and Redmi.