New leak reveals different Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 specs

29 September 2022
It's expected to go official in November.

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Anonymous, 07 Oct 2022Sorry, but your comment is uninformed. The Cortex A710 is t... moreSome videos on YouTube showed that x core is much more efficient than A710s . They even said it could be good if they made all cores X cores.
A510s are not power saving anyway. They are worse than A55.

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    • 07 Oct 2022

    daywid, 02 Oct 2022I still fail to understand the logic of having the A710s. T... moreSorry, but your comment is uninformed. The Cortex A710 is the only Armv9 Cortex A CPU that has (limited) 32 bit support, the A510 only supports aarch64. And no, adding more Cortex X CPUs isn't going to make the SoC more efficient, you don't need a PhD to figure out that much.

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      • 04 Oct 2022

      Will the phone require a bigger fan than the gen1?

        Will it be power hungry?

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          • 02 Oct 2022

          I still fail to understand the logic of having the A710s. The A715s could easily provide more efficiency and performance. If its for the 32 bit support, i think the A510s could easily handle that.

          I would think if they wanted a power boost but wanted maintained a more efficient & cooler SoC, it would have made more sense to go with 2 x Cortex X3 (clocked same as X2s or little lower), 3 x A715s (clocked the same as A710s) , 3x510s (clocked at max). Adding to that, if they have optioned for TSMC updated 4P node manufacturing, they could easily expect a performance jump of about 15% in performance, a 20% in battery life, and about 15% reduction with the thermals. I guess now its a matter of wait and see.

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            • 02 Oct 2022

            Anonymous, 29 Sep 2022Well, with all multitasking considered, I still don't ... morehmmmm imagine every time you unlock your screen, your phone freezes for 30 seconds because your 50 installed apps all requires the OS to notify them and they would take some action. Or if you make a call then the game that you're playing hangs because there's only 1 processor and that processor is now playing your ringtone and displaying the UI and has no slack for everything else. Or, you can't receive your calls and messages because you're doing something processor intensive and there is no processor slack to receive or process any calls/messages.

              Anonymous, 02 Oct 2022Snapdragon peaked with 865, 865+, and 870. Since then, it g... moreSnapdragon 8Gen+ 1 is good though. It's only Snapdragon 888, 888+ and 8 Gen 1 that were the problematic bunch

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                • 02 Oct 2022

                Snapdragon peaked with 865, 865+, and 870. Since then, it goes downhill. If only Mediatek can give a better source code support for a better software life cycle.

                  Ry, 30 Sep 2022Lol.. How. True , because no one else uses 2 highend cores.

                  Everything else uses 1 highend cpu

                    DeeprInU, 30 Sep 2022Someone correct. An application can run more efficientl... moreOnly if we live in 2022 and not the '90s?

                    Got it. I think we're all pretty safe on that argument.

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                      • 30 Sep 2022

                      Duck of death, 30 Sep 2022That is a very 2015 Intel opinion. "Nobody will ever n... moreSomeone correct.

                      An application can run more efficiently with multiple threads but ONLY if:
                      the CPU and OS supports it,
                      the threads are short and processed faster than typical long single threaded applications (aka MS Office suite of apps have been single threaded for decades until 64-bit OS').

                        SShock, 29 Sep 2022Please, learn how chips are made first. This dumb idea that... moreAll in all tsmc density is much better. Tsmc 7nm is equal to samsung 4nm.

                          SShock, 29 Sep 2022I very much doubt it, unless Qualcomm worked with TSMC to &... more"unless Qualcomm worked with TSMC to "port" the chip to their node for a while."

                          What was that? how chip can be ported to a node only? And will it work without branches and loops? Do you have single ideas regarding circuit design? As I said before, you have no work because you have zero study.

                            will it require throttling? and if so, less or more than current gen 1 I wonder?

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                              • 30 Sep 2022

                              Ry, 30 Sep 2022Lol.. How. It is best at being the worst

                                Anonymous, 30 Sep 2022I feel all mobile SoC specs should be required to display t... moreThis exactly!

                                During the short time I had an iPhone 13 Pro I was shocked by how playing Oceanhorn 2 for 10 minutea dimmed the screen to basically unusable.

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                                  • 30 Sep 2022

                                  Pacifica Northwest, 30 Sep 2022Tensor G2 destroys this overrated junk.Lol.. How.

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                                    • 30 Sep 2022

                                    Anonymous, 30 Sep 2022Yes sure in android you have several "multi view"... moreDex mode works on any TV or monitor with an HDMI port as long as you have a USB-C to HDMI dongle with you, the phone itself becomes both a keyboard and touch-pad so actual keyboard and mouse are not necessarily needed to make use of it.

                                      igguk1, 30 Sep 2022How's it's different? Except for the bumped L3 ca... moreHe cant answer how its any different, cus he doesnt know, he'll just keep on repeating the same bs. I tried to educate him, but hes too ignorant.

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                                        • 30 Sep 2022

                                        I feel all mobile SoC specs should be required to display thermal details after 20 minutes of sustained load...say from a 4k60 video recording...or playing Genshin Impact...