Skype finally available for Windows Mobile 6.1, tested here

01 Aug, 2008
Skype has finally been updated to run of Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. WM 6.1 devices are spawning recently and it was about time to add support for those...

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  • hamadh

it works with windows mobile 5 also :D

  • nope

Roel, 01 Aug 2008hmmmm.. How i wish there will be a version for UIQ3... ;(u can use iSkoot for skype on UIQ 3.0 platform

  • DeJust

I don`t know why Nokia users are so negative about everything. They just wish that it was introduced by Nokia, well, Symbian to be exact coz Nokia gets many innovative software from Symbian and push the older software to the lower-end S40 platform. Let`s just embrace innovation or rather, technology, and by the way, I think the Skype these Nokia fanboys have on their phones was not pre-installed in their devices, they downloaded it from for free.

  • ignorant

sorry...whats the advantage of having skype on ur mobile? do u get to make free long-distance calls? if ur on a carrier that doesn't have unlimited data plans this could be pricier than just making a regular long-distance call.

  • Anonymous

Why wait for skype to come out in symbian when you can use Fring ---which can connect to your skype and you can make skype out or free skype to skype as well as free msn to msn voice communication.

  • pablo

leo, 01 Aug 2008where can i get skype download for symbian?is already available for n 95, if you mean symbian s60 3, i have it and is free

  • Anonymous

who cares, you can use fring for symbian and it has skpe as well. it free free free


jamesy likes this skepye thing to call his mum and dad cus he loves them james davus

  • Anonymous

Why skype for window mobile is free but not for symbian os?

  • leo

where can i get skype download for symbian?

  • Roel

hmmmm.. How i wish there will be a version for UIQ3... ;(

  • First